Sunday, July 24, 2016

It has been a while, a very long time to be honest! I have remained in contact with some of my Spark friends via Google chat, text and/or phone. Thanks to each of you for continuing to support me during the good and bad times as we both continue to adjust our lifestyles. Dieting no more, changing any habit is truly a lifestyle change.

Having type 2 diabetes come back for the second time, my doctor told me that I would not not be able to reverse it and "if" I did, it would be very hard. First of all, GOD controls my destiny. Second of all, I can do anything through Christ. Third of all, it was not her place to tell me such a negative outlook.

Thanks to my Spark Friend MRSVK11, I started eating Keto May 16th, 2016. Since then, I have reversed my diabetes. Keto eating is eating low carbs and high fat; no starches and refined sugar. My carbs come from vegetables and my sugars come from fruit or stevia. I knock no one on how they eat, do what works for you.

Since eating Keto, not only have I lost weight, my libido has returned from a 10 year hiatus. My hormones are starting to balance themselves. My body is naturally detoxing itself of years from bad eating. Have I had challenges? Yes initially, but not any longer! Have I had cravings? Yes/no...yes in the beginning (mainly potatoes) and no, because although I hate cooking, I have been able to be creative in the kitchen so keto has kept my interests. Recipes are endless no matter what you want or used to eat - rice, potatoes, or any starch...I can find a recipe to remake it and it taste even better.

I'll begin to share pics shortly of all the dishes I have made since eating Keto!

Enough rambling...miss my Spark family and just wanted to drop a note!!!

Peace, love and Health :)
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