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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bought a spiralizer to make zoodles which is zucchini cut into noodles to replace starch noodles.

So the dish ended up being chicken Alfredo. I used chicken thighs.

This is a zucchini mix to make zucchini chips or strips if you will.

Final results.

These are egg muffins. I make these sometimes for the work week. What I fill them with varies.

Inside look...

You can buy these from Amazon or maybe your local health food store. I rotate these between the zoodles when I want to have a pasta dish.

This is lamb spaghetti...

Added some turkey pepperoni on top

Avocado stuffed with salmon salad (salmon salad w/o pasta)

Pan pizza

Keto pancakes...and I do not even eat pancakes. I was intrigued to try them though

Sheppard's pie w/ ground lamb. Instead of mash potatoes, I used mashed cauliflower. It didn't last a day in my house :(

I still drink on Keto. I make a vodka cocktail with my hand blender using my red cup to the right!

So I love vodka, flavored or plain. I gave up my sweat wine and use the skinny girl flavoring instead. When I do not have the flavoring, I use frozen berries (strawberries or blueberries).

Stuffed jalapeno peppers with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon.

So being from you :) I found a Keto recipe for a deep dish pizza! MAN...

Inside/final results.

Keto chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting. I failed at my first attempt then found a bomb recipe and the cake came out crazy delicious.

Keto waffles

This is a taco casserole so basically your taco without a shell. I will be eating this for lunch tomorrow with the avocado and sour cream.

This is dinner for tomorrow. Lamb chops and Brussel sprouts.

They also make no carbs...there are other brands that make no carb/no sugar ice cream, but I can only get Breyer's in my community. I also bought this...

I just have not broke down and made my own

Last not are 2 staple recipe books I have. Now I do my own thing :)

Hope you get some ideas CandiGirl :)
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