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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Here are the results of my goals from last week:

Minimalist Daily Goals
emoticon Get out of bed - 7/7 days
emoticon Drink 1 glass of water - 7/7 days
emoticon Take morning meds - 7/7 days
emoticon Take evening meds - 6/7 days

General Daily Goals
emoticon Shower - 5/7 days
emoticon Wash dishes - 5/7 days
emoticon Study Spanish - 7/7 days
emoticon Study for IT certification - 7/7 days

Mostly good. I had one day where I forgot to take my evening meds. I also had one day where I somehow missed one of the pills in my pill box in the morning and didn't notice it was there until the next day.

For this week, I will continue with these goals and I'm adding 1 new one:
Track calories eaten each day.

I was doing this really well before. Now that I'm not eating healthy, I've stopped. I don't really want to know how bad the stuff I'm eating is. Or do I? My plan is to track what I'm eating, even if it is horrible. Then I'll get to see just how horrible it is. I'll probably continue this for two weeks without necessarily making any dietary changes

Years ago, when SparkPeople was broken up into 3 phases, the first was "Fast Break." You'll notice that you can still add Fast Break goals in the Other Goals section. One of the options was to track what you eat and they suggested that you do this for two weeks without altering your diet so that you get a good idea of what you are currently putting into your body.

From this baseline, you can start making adjustments to make it better. With that in mind, in 2 weeks I may decide that I need to increase my daily fiber intake by Xmg or what-have-you. That's going to be my approach to this.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD15003511
    Excellent job. You should be proud! Keep it up. Great idea to add tracking food. It's good to get a baseline on where you're at, no judgment to yourself either. It's just data. You can then use that data to make adjustments.
    1627 days ago
    ¡Qué bien, guapo! Poco a poco se va lejos. You did pretty well on meeting your goals. Keep it up!
    1628 days ago
    Good job. Keep building those goals!
    1628 days ago
    I'm so happy to see how well you are doing! Congratulations on all of your hard work! Keep it up!
    1629 days ago
    You're doing very well, William!
    Little by little. I track my meds on the Nutrition tracker. In the little blue thing "Enter a new food" I add each med name with 0 calories. Easy and Get me organized, because I always forget my afternoon one. I set an alarn in my watch at 5 pm and stop whatever I'm doing and go drink my tablet.
    Good luck! emoticon
    1629 days ago
    Good job with meeting your goals! I'm glad you're taking small steps. When I am off track, I try to track what I eat too, so I can see the reality of it. It can be pretty bad...and has been for me over the last week or so, so I can relate. It really does make me think about what I'm eating and want to eat better!

    Good luck!
    1629 days ago
    Hang in there buddy. Don't forget that exercise has shown to improve one's outlook on life.
    1629 days ago
  • _LINDA
    You are making a fabulous come back! One step at a time, add what you feel you can handle!

    Tracking is what was the game changer for me. Helped me lose my weight after a stubborn plateau and is helping me keep it off. I enjoy doing it!

    Keep up the emoticon work!!
    1630 days ago
    Congrats on meeting your goals!! You are doing great!
    1630 days ago
    You did very good last week. Tracking nutrition is kind of a big step but since you are doing it just to get an idea of what you are eating without changing anything, I say go for it. Just remember to take each small step at a time. You're doing great. You can do this.

    1630 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1630 days ago
    Good job on meeting your goals. emoticon emoticon Si hablo espanol.
    1630 days ago
  • no profile photo CD924924
    Great job on first week goals! I sort of agree with SIMCYN that tracking daily seems like a big add for week 2, just based on my own experience. But do what feels right for you. Only you know if this will be a help or a source of pressure/guilt based on where you are.
    1630 days ago
    One of the things I do faithfully is put in my nutrition into the tracker every day. Good or bad, it all goes in. It keeps me accountable, and allows me to see how I'm actually doing. If I'm not telling the truth, I'm only hurting myself. Keep going - you're doing great!
    1630 days ago
    Si. Muchos de nosotros habla espanol en el sur de California. Buen trabajo esta semana!
    1630 days ago
  • ZORO22
    Great job!!
    1630 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing lots better. I hope you have a very good week. I've been off track a couple of weeks so need to get myself back on track.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1630 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2369084
    Great job!!!
    1630 days ago
    Let's see if the punctuation translates...!

    ¡Buen trabajo! Hablo español con la ayuda de Google Translate! Un poco. ¡Seguid así!

    1630 days ago
    I know you are trying your best....know what?? You did very well.
    1630 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15597073
    You had a fabulous week! As far as the Spanish...I only know the bad words.
    1630 days ago
    Excellent goals... and you never know, the very act of tracking sometimes gives us incremental improvements (I know it does me... I'm committed to writing it down... I'll decide if I have to write it down, I don't want this!) But even it does NOT influence your choices, it gives one a baseline from which to move... it might not be as bad as you think! We do tend to be harder on ourselves than reality would justify!

    Good luck, and may you have a good week! emoticon
    1630 days ago
    The med prof in me is saying to slow it down. They say it takes 21 days to establish a habit. I would like to see you developing habits for order which would be helpful for those with bipolar. I am so glad you are mostly doing the dishes and showering. That is a grand start. Look around... is there any other area that could use organization. If you feel up to adding, that is where I would look.

    Just my suggestion. Whatever you decide, I am rooting for you.
    1630 days ago
    1630 days ago
    You can do this my friend. I believe in you. emoticon
    1630 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15665102
    Si, hablo espanol, pero estoy demaciado floja -- no se como se ponen los acentos a las letras, y no quiero buscarlo.
    1630 days ago
  • REGNUR617
    Hablo español pero olvido mucho que aprendido
    1630 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Good for you for meeting your goals. The idea is not to be perfect, but to be consistent. Making small changes does make a big difference. When I approach each day one step at a time it helps keep my depression more manageable. I also try to find something that brings me joy every day, whether it's stopping to enjoy a sunset or that feeling you get walking out of the hot weather and into the air conditioning, if I take a moment and just enjoy it, I feel better.
    1630 days ago
    Hope you're feeling better. Have a good day.
    1630 days ago
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