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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Hey guys. Happy September. I know I haven't blogged in an eternity and a half. Been really busy with things. And it's been a really tough adjustment with the move. And a lot has been going on. No joke. It's been so chaotic. It's hard to know where to begin. Um, well, I guess I can say where I left on the last blog I was all full of hope, new year and going to kick sugar and all that jazz. Yeah, it didn't happen so well. Ended up in a really bad depression and things didn't want to work out so well. I don't remember what all happened, but things didn't go to plan. No big deal because things are doing better now, but I figured I'd update from that point.

I don't know what all to say from that point, so I guess I'll just move on. I've been writing. It's been a wonderful experience. I love it so much. It may be a calling, but I'm not sure. We'll see where the path leads. I've written two fan fics, one of which could be considered novel length. That one was my first and is my baby. Love it to pieces. I had such a writer's high after I finished, lol. I have a full fiction short story and I'm working on another short story that's longer than that one. This one is cool. I actually think I'll be finishing that one either today or tomorrow. I'm already getting high on that one, too. hahahaha. It's awesome. The thrill of the finish. It's amazing. If anybody is interested, let me know and I can PM you a couple of links to where you can find my profile where I have my stuff published online. I am actually working on getting my stuff published elsewhere. Like I said, I'm seeing where this road will take me. I've been bitten by the bug.

Um, I finally found a really good doctor here in Vegas. I really love him. He's always late and that's why I love him. He stops and talks to his patients and makes sure we're good before he goes to the next. The world needs more doctors like him. Met him back in June for various things. I won't get into all of them. But he's amazing. My body was starting to shut down, believe it or not. I was drinking a gallon of water a day for years and I was severely dehydrated. I was drinking WAY too much water and my body couldn't hold onto any hydration whatsoever. I was literally flushing everything out of my body. All the heartburn I had for like 2 years was just the first sign of the problem. Migraines. My lady cycles shut down. My constant swelling. My knees were just the latest symptom. They sounded like rice krispy cereal. No joke. I don't have arthritis. I was told to drop my water down immediately and in fact stop plain water for a while and have g2 gatorade instead and up my salts and stuff. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but stay with me. Four days passed. Just four. My heartburn eased to a much easier level. I stopped craving fast food like an insane person. My headaches backed off. After a week and a half, my heartburn was gone completely. My migraines are down to one a month. Everything is reversing in the order they shut down! I kid you not! It's nothing short of amazing and I feel so much better. I'm not the zombie I was turning into anymore. Soon I'll be able to exercise again. I may always have a salt deficiency, though. But here's another thing that I didn't realize until last month. I had completely stopped sweating. No joke. That's how bad I got without realizing. I can sweat again now, though. So now I can temperature regulate again, so that's good. Very important in a desert. Oh, and my swelling is gone, too. I was turning into the elephant man.

I also had him check out this cyst in my back that's been growing for about 6 years. It's huge. I'll spare you the full details. It's not fun. But I'm going in for surgery here in two weeks. Not joking on that, either. The darn thing has broken several blood vessels and causing me immense pain. I'm not looking forward to this surgery because this whole thing has been nothing but a nightmare with the surgeon and the surgery center, but I'm shoving my rage down as far as I can until it's over. I've obviously put it off for too long as it is. So there's that.

And with all that's been going on this year with the depression and bad health issues, I did regain a lot of weight. Like 20 pounds or so. Doc is helping me with that, too. Obviously the rehydration helped me IMMENSELY. Just the simple fact that I can wear shoes again says a lot. And my rings don't tear off skin when I take them on and off says a lot, too. I may be cleared to exercise again next month, but we'll see. It depends on the surgery. I've tried to do the low impact eastern stuff, but the cyst is in the way. It's actually so big and painful, it's affecting my range of motion. So I've been advised to just wait until after and we'll reevaluate. I'm still losing weight, though. 11 pounds according to the doc's records, though. And I'm tracking my own stuff again, too. I trashed my old info on the advice of my best friend. The old pictures and numbers. All deleted and thrown away, respectively. So here's all the new info. I took my first set of new numbers last month and this month is my first comparison. I don't see much difference in the pictures, but that's what I get for wearing my least favorite shirt that has the stretchy crap on it on the inseams by the waist and so makes it hug me where I don't like it right now. So here it is and that's it for an update this time. Talk later!

Weight: 308.4 (-6.8) Waist: 54.75 (-0.25) Hips: 54 (-0.5) Neck: 17 (0) Chest: 51 (-1) Upper Arm 19 (0) Forearm: 13.5 (0) Thigh: 31 (0) Calf: 20 (0) BMI: 53 (-1.2) Body Fat: 67.9% (-0.7%)

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    emoticon Sending you a hug emoticon and best wishes on your surgery.
    1691 days ago
    Can tell a difference. Sometimes when we think we're doing the right thing is so counter intuitive its almost deadly. I'm glad he got you in the right direction on the liquid direction.
    1691 days ago
    Sounds as though you have taken the first steps on a wonderful new path. Keep up the good work!
    1691 days ago
    I'm so glad you found a wonderful Dr. who is helping you out and has found out what was really going on with your health. Those doctors seem to be hard to find anymore. I'm praying for the best outcome for you.
    1691 days ago
    Good you found a dr that is helping you.
    1691 days ago
    You are doing an amazing job! I am happy you are making the changes needed to help you in this journey and can see you are making great strides! Stay positive you are on the right path 😀
    1691 days ago
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