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Taking My Eyes Off The "Weight Loss" Prize!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hey Sparkies,

So tomorrow marks a month since my last blog and what has happened since then you ask? Well life sure hasn't slowed down but my weight loss sure has. emoticon Despite my continued efforts I realized that the weight wasn't dropping off like it had been in the first two months since my refocused effort this year and I realized that it was actually because I wasn't eating enough. I was hitting less than 1200 calories on most days despite keeping up with Focus T25 workouts and all the walking that I was doing at the hospital.

For the past two weeks I've thus been making a concerted effort to up my calories and I've seen the fruits of that labor weighing in at 163 lbs yesterday which was a 2 lb loss in 1 week versus the 1.6 lb loss that I saw for all of last month! I'm am really super happy about how well I've been doing over the past four months and funnily enough I've been less focused on my weight loss this time around because I've just been so busy with school.

I think I've been proving the truth of one of the featured articles of today about hills. The article is by Coach Nicole and has the same title as my blog and in it she talks about how when running hills she doesn't look at the top from the bottom but instead just focuses on going forward and she then applied that to weight loss and life in general. Making the point that if we look at how steep "the hill" is we're more likely to be daunted by it but if we just take it a step at a time and focus only on those steps before we know it we'll be at the top of the hill and then we can look down and see how far we've come (which is the much better view).

In the past I used to be so obsessed with how much weight I was losing and if it wasn't happening fast enough I'd get discouraged and start overeating again and undo any progress I'd made. This time around though all I have time to focus on is just get my workout in, in the morning and just eat the healthiest meals I can. I haven't been saying "Oh, the scale isn't moving" "Oh, this is taking too long, I have so much weight to lose and after all this time this is where I am" I haven't had time for that and it has worked in my favour.

As of yesterday I am 5 pounds away from a healthy B.M.I and 3 lbs away from being under 160! I haven't been under 160 since about 3 years ago when I started Spark and I got to 158 for about a minute before I allowed life to get in the way and shot right back up. I am therefore very excited about reaching that milestone but at the same time I am not pressuring myself or going to allow myself to become obsessive about it. I am going to keep doing what I've been doing: eating as best as I can, exercising according to my Focus T25 workout schedule and just focusing on one day at a time.

So that's my two cents for today. Don't be obsessive about the scale or results just focus on doing the best that you can every day and the results will come.

And as always just emoticon because emoticon emoticon emoticon
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