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My Christmas Tree is Filled with love!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I have a problem....I can't take my Christmas tree down. I have noticed I keep putting
it off, I have lots of health problems? But I am getting other things done, so just do it.
But, some of the grandchildren might come again soon, they might like seeing the tree?
And, now it is January 19th, and I still have no desire to take it down.. The poor thing
has been up since the beginning of November! I had to decorate early because our
grandchildren decorate our tree on Thanksgiving, and we were going on vacation the
two weeks before Thanksgiving and I knew I could not come back and get it all done
in a couple days plus cook a big Thanksgiving meal. We do decorate a lot more so inside,
I pack boxes of my regular stuff away and my husband brings home 30+ boxes from Ithe
storage unit. I have one box of Christmas towels just to cover the stands, and coffee table,
etc. the piano has a Christmas village on it, the book shelf, certain decorations and on
and on....but most of these things were gifts, only a few things have I bought for myself.
So it surrounds me with love. We keep saying I need to get rid of some of it, but how?
I can't throw people 's love away!!! Then my tree, it is not a fancy one, not at all, its the old
kind,it has homemade plastic canvas ornaments, some that I made years ago and some that are gifts, two of the granddaughters made a small plastic ornament for each of the grandchildren to put on Grammy's tree, I have ornaments with pictures in them, names on them, crocheted ornaments, ornaments from 40 years ago, and even cut out paper snowflakes that the grandchildren added this year. All signs of love. Yes, it has lights, but it has decorations that are memories, things from past vacation
trips, and so many memories. Now, I finally this morning figured out why I can't take
the tree down this year. It's my husband's fault. Yep, it's all his fault.
I sleep now in a bedroom in the back of the house due to all my pain and having to
move constantly even in my sleep. It was a hard adjustment for us both, but we are
both getting more rest now. I don't come in through the main part of the house if I can
help it, until he is up in the mornings. The house is old and creaks and makes sounds
even when no one is walking let alone when someone is. So he emails me he is up and
I come in. When I came in through the door this morning it hit me, the thought... not the
door. This is the problem....every morning as soon as he gets up, he goes around and
turns all the Christmas lights on and so when I walk through the kitchen doorway, I am
hit every morning with that wonderful Christmas feeling. I can't stand to lose that this
year. I know, I know, I can't have the tree up for the 4th of July. I have to deal with this.
At least I know now what the main issue's the reminder of his love each day...
that he would take the time to do that, to make it special each morning when I walk
through that door. We are getting old, we have both had a rough couple of years health
wise and very much know we could lose each other sooner rather than later, Well, I
hope you all enjoy your day.....but treasure those around you, and don't get so caught up
in things that you forget to do a kind deed or a loving deed for someone else, and make
their day!!!

Love you all,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That tree must be still up--Good for you!--- Hope you are having a good day--- Lynda
    1307 days ago
    Is that tree still up?--LOL--- I love it!-Lynda
    1308 days ago
    You are so so good to think of me!--- Lordy Be--Sciatica seems to last forever!--Lynda--Ill try the remedy yu suggested-Lynda
    1309 days ago
    I know a few people, personally, that leave a tree up year round d! They decorate it at Easter, all holidays. My place is ...Not large. How many grandchildren do you have? I have 4 and 1 on the way.
    1342 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    just leave the tree up
    1349 days ago
    OK--a ton of snow is en route to you and son #2 will do a fly-by to drop some more-- LOLOL--Lynda
    1351 days ago
  • PROVERBS3128
    Thanks for all your kind comments! Yes, my tree is finally down.

    , it wasn't too bad, some of the grandchildren came and did it, that way,
    having them here was another memory. :-) emoticon
    1363 days ago
    Opp, hit post to soon. ....
    Leave the tree up and everything else. Your Christmas tree is filed with very much love!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1370 days ago
    My Christmas tree is still up, but not for the same reasons as yours.
    1370 days ago
    You know what? If you love it SOOOO much DO WHAT YOU WANT.

    or, hey, January has nothing special in it, keep it up and take it down before February 1st.

    OR....take off the Christmas ornaments and hang VALENTINES ornaments!

    If something brings you joy, is not hindering your movements or being a danger, and is not sinful, posh! Do what you WANT!
    Make a pretty sign for your front door that says, "I just can't bear to take down all of this Christmas Joy! So excuse me for 'being out of season" but LOVE is the reason."
    1370 days ago
    I had to check--Is it down yet??--- LOL----- Lynda
    1370 days ago
    You are so funny!--I say, if you love that Tree, why take it down?--It's your house!--- And I am old too---but---hopefully we will have many more good years--I hope that your Grandchildren get there to see you more---I wish I lived close by--We could share a cup of tea---Hugs, Lynda
    1373 days ago
    How wonderful all your decorations have meaning and bring back memories that is a blessing. And it is true the lights do make the home cozy and bright. There is a certain sadness when all that cheer gets put in a box and we get busy doing ordinary things with problems and blessing every day. I could see why you just don't want to let that little bit of joy go. The world is getting dark and it will get much darker still so I wasn't in a rush to get over Christmas that reminder of hope for the world in a world going cold.It's not the tree or the ornaments it's what they represent and that is already in your heart. I like to decorate for each holiday so much so that even when I don't feel like decorating I get asked well when are you going to put things up. I like you have totes upon totes too.I like the detail of decorations I have fun finding just the right one and making everything look just right and the challenge of making it look different than before. I like a well decorated anything I stop -I look and admire.I will just send you hugs. You have a loving marriage and family those are great blessings.
    1373 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/20/2017 12:30:28 AM
  • PROVERBS3128
    Thank you everyone for checking in on my blog!!!

    How kind of you! I hope you are all having great success!!!

    Love and prayers, emoticon
    1374 days ago
    I love the idea of changing the decorations as the holidays change, but leaving it up!! That sounds awesome!
    1374 days ago
    Lol I have removed everything but the tree. I can't not get it down so my son has to help and he doesn't want it down. He goes off to college Sunday so I hope he removes it by then.

    I was going to suggest what DGUINN7 said
    1374 days ago
    I think it would be lovely to keep it up, but change the decorations to match the season. Valentines Day is coming, then Easter, etc. I've always wanted to do this myself, but never have. Wishing you good health and happiness.
    1374 days ago
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