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You Haven't Failed Until You Quit Trying!!

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Saturday, April 08, 2017

This is the image that I turned my computer on to this morning! I have a slideshow of motivational quotes that cycles as my desktop and this is the message that it had for me this morning. A message that I desperately needed after having bounced around in the 160s since the start of the year and finally "bouncing" to the 169.2 lbs that glared at me from the scale this morning. Is bouncing the right word or has the scale just been reflecting the lackluster effort that I've been putting in since the start of the year? I wholly believe it to be the latter but today I'm putting an end to that! The only way that I am leaving the 160s is to enter the 150s! I told myself that I should never see 17 as the first two numbers on any scale again until possibly whenever my husband and I decide to add to our family and since that isn't happening right now I am officially declaring an end to this madness!!

I might be tempted to call myself a failure especially when I keep regaining and losing the same weight since I became a member of Sparkpeople in 2013.

I could look at this weight report and say what's the point, obviously you can't do this. Instead I look at this weight report and say I am a fighter because I haven't QUIT TRYING!! I am sure that since 2013 there have been many who have also joined Sparkpeople and also may have achieved great things but then they probably got too comfortable as I did time and again and suffered a little regain but sadly they didn't fight like I did and a lot of them aren't here any more! I'm not a statistic! I am not one of the 95% who has lost weight only to regain it!! I have lost over a 100 lbs and I have maintained that for over 5 years and though I haven't yet reached my ultimate goal of 135-140 lbs I have not quit trying and some day I will!

I will reset and refresh and restart as often as I need to, to achieve what I want to.

Today marks the start of the 5% Spring Challenge and it also marks the start of me refocusing again to achieve my goals. Who cares if my goals on my Sparkpage look like this?

1. To weigh:

Goal A. 170 lbs by October 29th 2016!!- GOAL MET

Goal B1. 165 lbs by November 3rd 2016!! -GOAL MET then had to be reset after exam regain of 2017
Goal B2. 165 lbs by March 25th 2017!!- GOAL MET then had to be reset after another regain
Goal B3. 165 lbs by April 29th 2017!!

Goal C1. 160 lbs by December 24th, 2016!!!- GOAL MET but then had to be reset (after holiday regain)
Goal C2. 160 lbs by January 28th, 2017!!! - GOAL MET but then had to be reset AGAIN (after the exam and other regains)
Goal C3- 160 lbs by June 3rd, 2017!!

Goal D. 155 lbs by July 8th, 2017!!

Goal E. 150 lbs by August 12th, 2017!!

Goal F. 145 lbs by September 16th 2017!!!

Goal G. 140 lbs by October 21st 2017!!!

FINAL GOAL. 135 pounds by November 25th 2017!!!

I will keep fighting until they all say GOAL MET! So that's my message to you if your'e reading this blog today and feeling like a failure. You haven't failed until you quit trying!! So don't quit trying, make a public declaration like me today that you're putting an end to the madness, reset your goals and emoticon because emoticon emoticon emoticon

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