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Monday, April 24, 2017

Lots has changed since I was here last, but I'll give you the highlights. I ended my career in 2016 and moved to East Africa in May 2016. Whatever funk I was in prior to the move has since lifted and I'm proud to say, I've been consistently active since November 2016. However, I'm fat again, so here I am, back to the site that helped me so much before. To be honest, it sucks that I wasn't able to keep the weight off, even when I was going through my physical issues (two injuries that had me immobile for months). Even worse was when I was finally cleared the last time, to start working out again, my motivation was completely gone. SMH No matter what I tried, I couldn't get it back. I'm not sure what happened, but with the help of my smart watch, I was able to get into it. But, last November, I made a conscious decision to STAY ACTIVE. Even if I only did a little bit, I had to do it every day. Now, I've gotten so crazy back into working out, I barely do anything on the weekends. lol In an average week (just M-F tho), I'll log about 50 miles. So, on the weekends, I'm not interested in doing much more than nothing. lol I'll try to do 2 miles on each day, but a max of 5 miles unless I'm doing something that requires me to be active. Despite all of my working out, I'm not dropping the weight. I finally measured myself and saw changes that way, but by now, I should be seeing the numbers on the scale drooooooop. I swear I'm eating okay, but I must not be. So, I'm back to where it all started-- on wonderful Sparkpeople. I've updated my goals and will be tracking everything. One thing that was hugely successful for me in the past, was creating two workout calendars; cardio (included stretching) and weight lifting. I will create both, stat! lol
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