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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

So this sounds a bit funny, but don't knock it until you tried... lol

I been a bit lazy the last week, mainly because I was in a slump emotionally. Hubby had to get his heart done again and I was so wrapped up in what could happen that all other fell to the wayside. Anyway all is well again on that front and I know I was using that as an excuse to do the emotional eating thing. But knowing it and stopping it are different matters. When I weight in the scale went up 2 lbs. and I fell into the trap of oh, good that's not that much... but it went up another two pounds and now I got to get back those 4 lbs down and then some... I went back to walking and riding the bike but not with much enthusiasm, because I am in a good book and rather read then walk. ... and this morning the scale was up by another pound. emoticon

So back to working out, but because my body is expecting me to take a walk this morning and ride the bike later today, I will have to shake this up today. Here is how this goes... for me anyway. I have most mornings to myself. My regular routing is to make coffee around 6 and get on the computer, feed the cat, let the dog out and walk my garden to check on the plants, then back on the computer and later around 8 go on a walk any where from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the pain level in my knees and ankle. When I get home it's another hour of computer work and then house work or errands. But today it looks like we are in for some rain. The sky is real dark and it feels heavy outside, hard to breathe if you know what I mean.

I have an open floor plan in my house and can walk inside without bumping into stuff for quiet a bit. Also I do different exercises in different parts of the house... like my recumbent bike is near the bedroom door, my bow flex is across the front door and so is my weight bench, I have a space in the laundry room with a straight wall for wall push ups and the ergo meter is on the kitchen table when in use. I also use the kitchen sink to hold onto when doing barre work and walk the entire house when counting steps. Due to my arthritis and too much physical pain I am unable to get on the floor for workouts and have to hold on always with on hand when doing standing exercises; I am unable to do squats or step ups because my knees won't hold me and my dr. said to do none of that stuff. There are always other ways to work those muscles without hurting yourself when you are willing to get creative.

When I was growing up I lived in Germany and in elementary school we had this huge gym. So our teacher would set up this "course" for us where we had to spread out among all the stations and do the exercise set up there, after a set amount of minutes we moved to the next station and rotated like that around the entire gym. You got to do each exercise only for a few minutes but by the time you were done you had a good 45 minute workout under your belt. It's like those forest walks we did as kids with our parents... in the 70's there was this awareness wave in Germany over physical fitness and involving the whole family, so these fitness walks would spring up all over the country. It was like the set up in the gym, but in forest instead and using natural materials like balancing over a log just a few inches off the ground or jumping from tree stump to tree stump without touching the ground... it was great fun as kids and it got us out in the fresh air. The workout stations were set up like a quarter mile from station to station so by the time you got done you also had walked a considerable stretch.

Anyway... I do that on a much smaller scale in my house and today is the day to cross train... because that is what it basically is. I'll walk 3 minutes for warm up, ride the bike for five, walk for 3 do the ergo meter for 3 and walk for another three, then stretch upper body by the front door where I have a workout poster with different moves pinned to the wall for reference... my standing leg work I do in the kitchen while holding onto the sink, it's the perfect height for that and then continue to rotate the bike, walk and ergo meter till I get tired or something comes up that takes my attention. I do this several times throughout the day, because it's all accumulative. ...and no worries, I get to finish my book today, too.

I know it sounds crazy, funny, dumb? but it works for me and jump starts me back to where I was and then hopefully to where I need to go.
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    I think your cross-training idea sounds AWESOME! So often we use the weather as an excuse for not doing anything. There is always SOMETHING we can do, if we just have the motivation to try it!
    1358 days ago
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