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Whole30 Day 36

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Whole30....the good and the bad, in no particular order.

emoticon I thought people were crazy to attempt this. Add me to the crazies. DH and I started together and ended together, he is still full on, I am taking a mini break only if something calls my name. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

We were on the road for a good part of this, finished on Thursday, April 27th and did not get home until late Sunday night so I was unable to weigh in on Day 31, waited until Day 34 where I found to my surprise that I had lost 12 pounds. emoticon emoticon emoticon My weight had fluctuated during the first three months of the year as it has the first three months of the past few years. I joined a BLC challenge early in January and gained 9 pounds, better than some years, worse than others. Some of this weight had started to come off when I started Whole30, but then these are just numbers. emoticon emoticon. Everyone always asks as the first question, "how much weight did you lose?" So the official answer from Day 1 to Day 34 is 12 pounds.

That is just a brief snapshot of my weight loss journey.

So.......I'd like to speak to NSV's, (Non scale victories) in no particular order.

My resting heart rate has dropped. I decided to give myself a reward when I finished Whole30, my first thought was a home TRX system. Then I saw everyone with new Fitbits that easily record heart rates. With just a tap of the finger, they know their heart rate, no fumbling with uncomfortable chest straps. Several friends on Whole30 posted substantial decreases in their resting heart rates as a result of Whole30. So yesterday I bought a brand new Fitbit Charge 2. I found that I could use two different style fitbits, each under whatever circumstances I wished as long as I took one off to use the other. I am not particularly fond of wrist bands all the time so can go back to my Fitbit One knowing that it won't record HR. emoticon

Granuloma Annulare - I developed this "rash" for lack of a better word while I was still working, so over 9 years ago. I It has no cause, no cure and no treatment except for steroids. It starts as little dots. Some stay dots, some switch to round circles resembling ringworm, from a dime to way bigger than a silver dollar. Yuk factor, sorry. They are kind of brownish and were on my hands first, then my feet then my knees. They do fade some after a while but I have always been able to see where they were. As I was reading the list of NSVs from Whole30 at the end of the month, skin improvement was one. I looked down to see if my GA was better or worse, I tend to ignore it most of the time and lo and behold, most of it is gone. A few of the dots remain, much fainter than they were but all the "ringworm" looking areas are not to be seen.

I am a known insomniac, to my distinct pleasure I am sleeping better, some nights really well, most better than my norm. I was able to break a 12 year ambien habit in December (with the help of Codeine Cough medicine for my bronchitis) so anything is better than no sleep. I am a night owl so trying to get my bedtime moved to before midnight, not easy. emoticon

I love cookies. emoticon I have not had one since I began. (Actually, before that since I had given them up for Lent) We were at a dinner Saturday night, a high end steakhouse. I ate about 2/3 of the cheesecake they put in front of me, it was awesome. Prior to Whole30, I would have eaten the whole thing and got every crumb off the plate. Stopping was an NSV for sure. I also skipped bread, I have had none since I began. I could live on bread. emoticon None of that anymore. I put the toaster away this morning. emoticon

My heartburn is better. I had oatmeal on Day 34 and 35 with Kefir and had a bit of heartburn return. Back to eggs today. emoticon emoticon With bacon and lots of veggies.
Juices are okay but the recommendation is to limit. I put an ounce of juice in a big glass of water, OJ just goes with eggs. emoticon

Breakfast - Eggs......I am so tired of eggs. With vegetables.....for breakfast. Frittatas are great, I make them in advance so I don't have to cook in the AM. Omelets minus the cheese are great as well. Bacon being compliant if it does not have sugar is one of the best parts. emoticon I can also save the bacon grease to use in other cooking. One of my favorite memories of childhood is my mom's bacon sandwiches on rye bread at a picnic, to keep us happy until the big meal was ready. This always included potatoes fried in the bacon grease from the snack. I love this diet.

Lunch - I have been the leftover queen forever. I almost always made enough dinner to pack leftovers for my work lunch bag. It still works for Whole30. When I open the refrigerator and there are no leftovers, I make a tuna salad with homemade mayo and any fruit or veggie I have around. Apples, grapes, raisins, cranberries, pickles, cukes, peppers, tomatoes, the list is endless. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Dinner - Any meat, the cleaner the better and with no sugar in any processing, like sausage.
Add a veggie or six, and you have dinner. I know many people limit the amount of potatoes, both white and sweet. I did not. I had them almost every day. Baked, boiled, smashed with appropriate add ins. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Snacks are not recommended. With my GI issues I was accustomed to eating 4-6 small meals and continued this. Some looked like mini meals, some were a fruit and a handful of nuts or a beef stick and some berries. emoticon

I ate a lot of prunes.........I did have a bit of constipation. This is a life long battle. My job prevented me from easy access to a rest room.

Finds: Rx Bars, Chomp beef sticks, Ghee, riced cauliflower, nutpod coffee creamers (unsweetened mix of almond and coconut milks).

Review of what's missing:

Sugar...... emoticon If you have spent any time at all on SP and learned anything about reading labels, you join me in the amazement at what foods contain sugar. For example, cocktail sauce for shrimp should be a tomato source added to some horseradish. Why on earth is the first ingredient in many High Fructose Corn Syrup? Finding bacon that is not cured with sugar is difficult. Even the noncured brands have sugar in them. And I have yet to find pepperoni with no sugar.

Artificial sweeteners....this was not a problem, I had banned them from my diet years ago. I once got a refund from Weight Watchers due to the immense presence of artificial sweeteners.

Soy....also buried in many foods, salad dressings have both soy and sugar so off limits.

Grains...... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon my life was built around grains. Enough said.

Peanuts.....not a sacrifice, I like other nuts better. A nice spoonful of almond butter on an apple is a good mini meal.

Alcohol......not a problem. I am not a big drinker, I tend to get silly and then sleepy. I did treat myself to a Grape Cosmo Saturday night. Day 32. And a glass of wine. I also tend to get a rapid heart rate from alcohol so did not sleep well Saturday night. I do miss a glass of wine with a good steak and other dinners but not enough to really want any. emoticon emoticon

Legumes......I made chili without beans and it wasn't bad. I miss hummus a bit, I HATE lentils so no issue there.

Dairy.....I love a big glass of milk, cow's milk, not almond, coconut or soy. But, thinking on it, it usually accompanies a cookie or a brownie and so no milk, no cookies is a win win. I like kefir, not a big ice cream fan. Cheese......cheese. When I make spaghetti squash with meatballs and a compliant sauce I pretend grate cheese over the top. In private. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites......I had banned the first two from my diet long ago but never paid attention to sulfites, now look for them.

Common treats made from compliant ingredients.....Waffles, pancakes, ice cream, chips, french fries. These are not psychologically healthy. Healthy chips were banned shortly after we started, apparently people were ODing on Plantain Chips. A pancake made from a banana and an egg is a guilty pleasure. Eat the egg and the banana in their original form. I have for years called this the "Snackwell" effect. I so remember back in the 80's when fat became the demon and Snackwells were born. How many boxes did we eat. They still sell them. And they are still loaded with sugar to replace the fat.

NO SCALE......This was painful, I have to confess that I was so tempted to jump on. I snuck on after 5 days and felt so guilty I did not do it again. I would have guessed that I lost about 7 pounds, you can imagine the look on my face to see that it was 12. I have yet to decide when to weigh again. emoticon emoticon

Exercise......I had been a couch potato much of the winter, detoxing from sugar and grains leave most wanting to continue being couch potatoes. I decided to just walk whenever possible and average about 49K steps per week. I did no ST, maybe one chair yoga class. emoticon emoticon

Where do I go from here? My immediate plan is to do a Whole30 "ish" as my DD calls it. I had a few bites of oatmeal. Wine and dessert at the party and perhaps a bite of cheese in the potatoes they served at the party. Maybe some extra potatoes. If I see something non compliant that I really want, I'll eat it. I have resumed ST. emoticon emoticon

**** EDIT emoticon I forgot to add the best limits on food!! Teach yourself to eat until just under full. emoticon emoticon ***

On May 30th, I am planning on another fully compliant Whole30. emoticon All over again.

Thanks for reading my blogs, I appreciate all your comments, keep them coming.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great job! I just finished my R1D30 on June 1- I took the weekend and had some feta in a salad and a bite of a cookie! Back onto R2 tomorrow. You are an inspiration
    1328 days ago
    Yay! I have really enjoyed all of your Whole30 blogs and all the pics. Did you do a full reintroduction, trying one new "banned" food every couple days? If you didn't this time, I highly recommend it for your next round. It was crucial for me. Congrats on completing the full 30 days!
    1358 days ago
    I so enjoyed reading your Whole30 journey. Loved reading your results and what things have changed for you:)

    I loved how you increased your veggie consumption. It's not supposed to be a meat heavy plan. Yes lots of meat but also lots of veggies! I loved your balance.

    It is an extreme change to do this but you get so much out of it. Great job!!!!
    1360 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/4/2017 6:23:12 AM
    Awesome victories !!!
    1360 days ago
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