Monday, May 22, 2017

Well, in 18 days I lost 10# and 6" from hips to bust. I bought a smaller size a week ago and already they are feeling loose. I've found MY magic. Eating Keto since November was a great boost, but adding some short term fasting this past month has really broken my stall. I'm almost to my next short term goal and then will add 1 last mark to hit. Food has no hold on me now. I fasted last weekend through my daughter's Bridal Shower. I didn't even lick my fingers when cutting the cake! The best part is that my hunger is soooo much less. On my 2- 3 day fasts, I wasn't hungry at all! My body has learned how to use my stored fat for energy now. I never could have imagined carbs are what caused my problems. I feel so free now. If I get stuck in a place where appropriate food is not available... no problem, I'll just fast. It's what primitive man did. They didn't always find food right away. If fasting caused starvation, the human race would have died out way back then! Instead, you get a surge of energy after 2-4 days that gives you energy to do what you need to do... in the case of primitive man, to go out and find food. Never in my life have I lost so much weight with no sense of hunger. I've dieted many times before and ALWAYS felt hungry. It was like a badge of courage to hold out during that. That never happens now. When I do feel hunger... it's not an urgent thing. I can hold out for quite a while before it really nags at me. I have been so blessed to have been lead to this way of eating. My life is forever changed!
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