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It's Not How Many Times You Fall.... - 1st Week of the 100 Day Challenge

Saturday, June 10, 2017

When many of us start this journey, especially after the first few weeks when the pounds are melting off, we think "Oh I'm going to be at my goal in x amount of weeks or months and it's going to be smooth sailing from then on" and for a lucky few that is how it goes! For the majority of us however we quickly come to realize that any success on this journey illustrates the truth of these pictures

Especially when you have a substantial amount of weight to lose there is no straight line to your goal. There is trying; there is pushing; there are great victories and there great struggles! Most importantly there are many times when you fall flat on your face because life threw you some unfortunate curve-ball or two or even three sometimes! And oh how familiar we are with those curveballs- stress at work/school, pregnancy, marriage, a vacation, a move, divorce, sickness, death, and the list continues. For too many people unfortunately these curve-balls take them out of the game but if we are ever going to reach our goals on this journey the only constant is that no matter how far or how many times you fall you MUST get up each and every time and dust yourself off and get back in the game! Is this always easy? Heck no! But as I said it is absolutely NECESSARY!!

The original proverb is fall down eight times, get up nine but I know personally how for many of us the numbers that I used feel only too true! I know for me that I've made progress and I've regressed and I've made progress and I've regressed but I'm still here trying and that's what matters! I fallen recently to the tune of 17 pounds at a whopping 177 lbs (a number I swore I'd never see on the scale again) as of Monday of this week but on Monday I committed to just 100 days of getting myself back on track and getting myself back to where I was just early February of this year. I was inspired to do this challenge by Steph-Knee (so shout to you Steph) who recently undertook her own 100 day challenge as a way to get back on track and so I decided to borrow it. My daily/ weekly/monthly actions steps on this challenge are:

100 Day Challenge Action Step 1- No more than 2000 calories a day
100 Day Challenge Action Step 2- Follow my workout calendar religiously
100 Day Challenge Action Step 3- Plan my weekly meals every Saturday
100 Day Challenge Action Step 4- Write a weekly blog every Saturday
100 Day Challenge Action Step 5- Take progress pics every 4 weeks
100 Day Challenge Action Step 6- Write a budget every other Saturday
100 Day Challenge Action Step 7- Buy no more than 1 serving of junk to bring home!!
100 Day Challenge Action Step 8- Study at least 3 hours daily
100 Day Challenge Action Step - Post daily accountability pics

Now some of you may wonder why I included budgeting and studying in my action steps but it's in keeping with what Sparkguy calls the "Crisscross Effect." I've realized that two major stressors that negatively affect my weight loss at any time are my studies (I'm a 4th year Med student) and my DH's and my finances (if you know anything about Med school it isn't cheap emoticon ) so these are things that I have to proactively manage in order to not end up stress eating and ruining my hard work.

Today is day 6 of my challenge and I haven't followed my action steps perfectly but I have had what I believe are 6 emoticon days especially nutrition wise and I have a 4 lb loss to show for it emoticon I don't expect that level of weight loss to be the norm but it sure is a emoticon motivator!

So anyway that's my two cents about this weight loss journey as well as my update about my current location in my own journey. I hope I can encourage at least one of you today especially if you've fallen lately and feel like you can't get up. I'm telling you that emoticon emoticon emoticon

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