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Friday, August 04, 2017

The individual at the centre of the video appears to be eloquent and therefore possibly well read
Following the links from the youtube page, it appears as tho supplements may be used as part of his diet.
Foremost is yeast which is pictured on a table of food ingredients.
I would hazard a guess that other supplements are used, whether synthetically or microbiologically derived.
Normally a body-builder type physique is associated with a higher-than-normal calorie intake associated with a high protein intake.
The yeast listed would be 1 such component.
The fact that eating is limited to 1 meal/day does not rule out the fact that this meal could be high in calories and rich in nutrients.

From diets that can actually reverse medical conditions.
The Ornish diet reverses cardiac and other medical conditions.
The Dash diet reverses hypertension
The Meditteranean and Okinawan diets are reasonably low in calories.
Welsh miners were able to perform a hard physical days work on little more than a vegetable pasty.
Omega-3 figures high on most healthy diets

Most of the problem with the Western diet is that there is a very big access to a huge amount of varied food, but there is limited education that takes place from an early stage in life with regard to healthy eating habits.
Rather there is a bombardment of advertising promoting all sorts of unhealthy choices.

Because for the most part food is not limited.
It is up to the individual to impose their own limits.
No one is going to do this for us
Even gastric banding by limiting food intake can be "bypassed" by the use of high-calorie foods and drinks that are ingested.

At the end of the day, limited calories in association with high fibre(derived from fruit, veges and grains) with adequate protein to prevent muscle loss are probably the way to go.

Whether this food is eaten in 1 hit or spread thruout the day is probably an individual choice.

Sticking to a regular pattern is not an easy process as there will always be a reason to deviate.

What do you think?

Dont be afraid to put me "in my place"

Cheers Richard
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    SparkGuy, who started Sparkpeople, did this to try to stop the rise in obesity. I am very thankful to him.
    1178 days ago
    I got a chance and so commented on your post.
    1179 days ago
    Here's to imposing healthy limits!
    1180 days ago
    1182 days ago
    I wanted to wait until I got the time to watch the video (I started watching it) as well as some reactions to it- I will come back when I do.
    I did want to say that I try to make sure the food I eat is high nutrition. That seems to mean different things to different people. Anyway- I will be back as I think eating 2-3 meals is fine and no more. I like to have a period of the day when I do not eat. Around 6:30 in the evening until 9:30 or more in the morning and yes i t even means I have gotten out and ran/worked out. And those runs are sometimes long- 12 miles now...anyhow enough about me. I will check it out- thanks..just been busy....
    1182 days ago
    I listened to the video while I did other things so I didn't caught the photos. It appeared he did take a lot of supplements.

    The knowledge he had about food interested me the most. I was trying to follow his knowledge of what to feed the body.

    My son is taking some kind of food processing course in college this fall. I personally what to see what he finds out in his class.

    How food works in ones body interest me. I really didn't take the time to dwell on what he said.

    I am reading Laura Ingalls books. She lived in the 1800 and their diet was so different then ours but I read somewhere that American food changed in 1970's when they were allowed to add ?. A friend spend 18 months in Belize where they ate rice, beans, etc.

    It's all interesting. Now maybe if I can get my head around it!

    Plus the guy in the clip did a lot more then eat which maybe key also?? IDK!!!!

    You are right, I can never stick to a plan...there is always something that gets in my way!
    1183 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/5/2017 9:19:42 AM
    I think we have a lot to learn about eating well, but as far back as the 1930s, agricultural experts were telling the USDA that our methods of farming were stripping the soil and producing successively less nutritious food.

    Food for thought ....

    1183 days ago
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