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Sunday, November 26, 2017

On Thanksgiving we almost lost out on bread rolls. I was so worried about the yeast that I even tried out my recipe a few days before and all was well. Then Thanksgiving rolls around (lol, pun intended) and I start my dough in the bread machine as usual. After the whole 90 minute cycle I am ready to get my dough and shape the rolls, but find a clumped mess instead. I was worried I messed up on the measuring and added too much flour or not enough milk or... or... No use I had to dump the thing and start again. It's still early in the day and I had all ingredients still at hand. So the second batch... literally exploded inside the bread machine. I had a pan with dough that was fine, but I also had a load of liquids of questionable content in the bottom of the machine. How it got there? I have no earthly idea ! The dough was fine and protected inside the bread pan albeit it needed a few more sprinkles of flour. But the machine itself was a mess.

Soon after this my son and his wife arrived and as I was still dealing with the dough they got to see the machine in a state and I was still lamenting and ranting over it. Well we were talking about a new bread machine, my hubby and I for weeks now, so we decided this was the final factor to start looking for a replacement machine. But, my daughter-in-law offered her machine instead. She said she doesn't use it and really would like to have the space back it takes up storing it. And after a little back and forth it was decided I was to get her machine; new, never used machine. I also got offers from my daughter and her mother-in-law to use their machine... use their machine. But my son insisted to part with theirs instead. (huhuh... such fibbers!)

Two days later, Saturday I got a huge box in the mail and thought nothing of it. My hubby had told me he was waiting for a delivery and I was not to open it for it contained a gift for me. So I assumed that was it. Turns out...

My son had researched my current bread machine while we were sitting and visiting over coffee and bought the new machine on line before he even left the table. What a neat surprise and I have a new bread machine... same manufacturer and top of the line. To be honest, I was looking at less expensive machines on line and would not have spent that kind of money. But my son didn't even flinch and just bought the thing. They, my son and daughter-in-law, were looking for some idea for Christmas gifts and I provided them unknowingly with the perfect gift idea. Merry Christmas to me !
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