Sunday, December 03, 2017

So much fun... but I messed up my sleep by taking a late nap last night. I was tired and hubby said just take a nap. I usually nap like 10 -15 minutes. So here it is 7:30 in the evening and I am let's see what happens. 2 1/2 hours later I wake up and am done sleeping. So I am up till like 1 in the morning. It's all my grand-daughters fault; lol got to blame someone, right? LOL Hubby calls her an energy vampire. You have no choice but be exhausted when she leaves.

We had fun though. Her and hubby stayed up late Friday night and gabbed and colored. That's their thing, they have a ton of coloring books and like a million pencil colors. They just sit and color and talk about God and the world. I so love sitting in the back and just listening to them. We learn a lot from her. Her thoughts, her feelings, and what's bugging her. Her wishes and dreams and we can often figure out what she really wants or needs.

She was dancing on the back patio while Opa was repotting some house plants.

She got to build her favorite Hot Wheels track and play... she always tests all her cars on the track and declares which is a winner

... and we baked and decorated those cookies. Well, the recipe is not a winner, but the cookies came out ok. I have other recipes that are better and less labor intensive and come out better. So yes, a good try but the recipe is not a keeper.

She got really good with that rolling pin. Took a bit of practice and some patients, but in the end she did so well.

After nap we decorate... or she decorated since she got to keep all cookies and take them home.

lol, better for my diet anyway.
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