Tuesday, December 05, 2017

I finished my 5 challenge today. Weather changed over night, so hubby told me I was gonna freeze my tosh off... lol.

I was putting on my leg warmers and lacing up my sneakers as he said.." it's cold out there"
I laughed and told him how I loved this weather for walking. I was wearing a turtle neck and zipped up my wind jacket.. as he said " the wind is really picking up outside" uh-huh I said as I laced my red scarf around my neck and put on my new neon orange hat. I had a neon yellow one, too; but that went out the door went my grand-daughter left.... she stole it. lol declaring that she liked it so much.

I picked up my walking stick... a nice neighbor made it for me to fend against the dogs that sometime dart from driveways and go for your legs while you stride past, ... and I went out the door.

and you know what??? It was cold out there.. and the wind had picked up... and it was absolutely wonderful!

I walked my 5 K in under an hour and felt amazing - and cold only on my thighs between the jacket and the leg warmers.
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