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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I am addicted to reading. I freely admit that and there is not a day I don't pick up my kindle and at least read a couple of pages. I even carry it when ever we go into town. I wait in line anywhere I got my kindle in hand - if I have to wait long enough to sit down that is. If we go somewhere and I get done before my hubby I wait for him in my truck with my book. One, I don't have to hunt him down in the store and follow him like a puppy and two, he'll know exactly where I am and that I am safe.

So last night I surprised myself by not picking up or reading all evening. It started out with me flipping through our music channels and looking for Christmas music. Once I got what I was looking for I picked up my knitting needles and attempted to work on the ballet leggings for my grand-daughter. But somehow the work didn't flow. I had to keep checking my work and it is just frustrating that way. So I just tore it off and started over. The pattern I used now was simple and the work started flowing like it should. Before I knew I was on the 5th Christmas album and my leggings, the whole pair of them where done. All I have left is to sew in the strings and tadah... a new pair for my dancing little princess.

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