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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

We had a change of plan at the last minute. Usually we go Christmas to my daughters mother-in- laws house. We got that all split up, I do Thanksgiving, she does Christmas and so on.. But she lost her sister in law on Friday night, so when she got the call on Christmas eve she went to Dallas-Fort Worth to take care of things. So my daughter and her hubby took over the Christmas day meal and gift exchange. We all had a lovely time and our grand-daughter did amazing not to get to overexcited so she was allowed to skip her nap.

The weather was nice, ideal travel weather, but overnight it got cold and Tuesday we had drizzle which turned a bit to ice at night. The temps are in the low 40's all week and over night in the upper 20's so not to bad, but still no snow. For me that means working out at home. I am not steady on my feet despite walking 5 miles a day. As soon as it gets wet and God forbid icy I loose my footing real easy. So my plan is to use my treadmill and I am testing out what is better for me this week... getting it all done at once or splitting it up morning noon and afternoon walk. My steps have come up over 10000 over the last month and my new goal is going to top 12 000 from now to new years. then re-evaluate what I am going to do all the while keeping the weather in mind.

Secondly from now until New Years I am playing with a check list I created. I have always struggled with my diet part and even though I know what portions look like and I eat for the most part portion size, I don't always stick with one portion. So I designed a check list from the food pyramid, skipping the top tear and created boxes to be checked off. I also incorporated the portion size into the check list so there is no mistake or forgetting what a portion of what ever looks like. The second part of the list is an exercise chart of things I do regularly here at home. like.... ergometer for my arms, stretching daily, walking around the house carrying weights, versa climber, weight machine and treadmill.... so at the end of the day I can record all of it and not forget or imagine I did more than I did. Now it's on a check list and easy to transfer to the trackers here on spark.

So those two things I am going to play with and see how it all fits together and tweak it as needed. that gives me a plan in place come January. Because lets face it... I'm not really accountable to myself when winging it. Write it down, follow it through and stick with it in the long run. THAT is my plan for the New Year!!
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