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Today Is A New Day

Monday, January 01, 2018

Many years ago I was given the gift of a thought for starting each day. For many years I kept it on my dresser where I would see it often. Over time it got moved around and finally put in a drawer. Recently I came across it again and have pulled it out. I don't know who the original author was, and there are several slightly different versions on the Internet. Now I'm going to pull it out again and start reading it daily. I am passing it on to everyone else as a gift for the new year.

A New Day

This is the beginning of a new day.
I have been given this day to use as I will.

I can waste it or use it for good,
but what I do today is important
because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.

When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever,
leaving in its place something that I have traded for it.

I want it to be gain and not loss; good and not evil;
success and not failure; in order that I shall not
regret the price I have paid for it.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Happy Birthday--- Is not today?--- thanks for congratulating me for "standing my ground"--LOL--- Hugs dear friend=-Lynda
    673 days ago
    Hi Crol--long time since Ive sent yu a note-sure hope things are going OK---Yes I have a book of numbers too, but the family ones are more on the phone-- Kids eh?--Lynda
    684 days ago
    Carol--Yu made me LOL--Yer Mom's starving kids in New Guinea--Mom used to say--BIAFRA---= I never knew where that was--still don't--LOL--Lynda
    728 days ago
    Carol, I want those shoes that Dorothy had too--great idea!=---Lynda
    759 days ago
    Hi Carol, I had to respond too your comment on the blog about yer Mom turning mean--My Mom became quite mean for most of my adult life-- sad eh?---My Dad was just the greatest forever--- and I believe that was the reason Mom was so mean with me--- She had Addison's Disease and I think maybe that ,made her that way--Fred tells me that wasn't a good reason--LOL--- I loved her anyway--probably because I understood her , being a Reg Nurse-- -- I did not know your Mr Daisy was 84--- lotza work --- Im off to bed with ,my book-lynda
    764 days ago
    Hi Carol -I will get a letter off to yu one day--I think of yu everyday and yer hubby--
    Yes Himself works out with free weights daily--- works his legs on the weight bench-- stretches - sits on the back board stretching backwards-- -- pushes the snowblower daily-- LOL--- in total works out maybe 30 minutes everyday--and he is over 90 ---LOL----- He never eats sweets--is careful what goes in his mouth-has always been this way --so NOT like me!--LOL--Lynda
    769 days ago
  • SUNSHINE5268
    beautiful post :-) emoticon
    792 days ago
  • SUNSHINE5268
    811 days ago
    Hi Carol, I haven't forgotten yu---just needed to get the Ubering done--then I can sit and write and tell yu how I appreciated hearing from yu so much--Lynda
    828 days ago
    I WILL write yu later on--on yer m,ail--- Have a good Sunday!-Lynda
    839 days ago
    Hi Carol, I dod not snow about yer hubby's son-----That would be hard for him! --Yes, I struggled with my sister passing and refusing to speak to me---I wish I could put it in God's hands--- but---it still plays on me---"Should I have gone down?" ------How would Fred have managed if I was down there?--How would I get there?==so many questions Carol--- I feel like a bad person for not going ---"Would she even have seen me?"---- You see, I can't let it go!
    Yes, Fred is doing pretty good--- He has not fallen again-yet!--*S*--I find the "Ubering" difficult to do--- And now Xmas is coming and more to do ---
    Do yu get snow where yu are?
    Thanks for the pot of soup--nice on a cold fay-Lynda
    842 days ago
    Hi Carol, I hope all is well with you both! --- We are right into a cold winter--came early--minus 13 C, this evening! --- Fred doing well--- The Eye guy changed my glasses again-----other than that, we are OK---I told yu that my sister passed---AML---- Boy! They don't live long with that!--- Lynda
    843 days ago
  • SUNSHINE5268
    Here is the number to Peak Med 719-623-3068 .... you posted on my blog that you had a friend who needed reduced medical care andprescription
    881 days ago
    Carol, I am so sorry about yer Himself's fall--It was about this time last year that my Fred had that fall--It upset both of us terribly! --How is he doing by the way?--
    I went out and cut the front lawn and septic bed today--- Cutting grass really adds the steps on!----Think I went up to 7000.
    It sounds like life is hard there for yu---You being the caregiver! There sure are days here that I wish a big boat would pull up and take me on a vacation somewhere alone--but--it is never going to happen--but--it is tiring some days to be the main person in the house here--never ever did I ever take a car in for an oil change, but I did last week--
    Life changes as one ages--roles reverse --- and even tho we have 3 sons living in town (so far) they don't realize how hard it is for me--- I do believe if I let my hair go grey, it would help---They might see that I really am old-- --Hugs Carol--love yu yu know!~-Lynda emoticon

    887 days ago
    Crol. yu are pretty funny--Yes, we have a big book in the kitchen with appointments in it--but--it seems that I'm the only one who uses it--and maybe I should check it more--Lynda
    911 days ago
    I hope that yu are enjoying the day!--- Lynda
    915 days ago
    Caril I forgot I had my glasses on--- AND my sun hat--but the reaction from all the children was priceless-Lynda
    922 days ago
    Hi Carol, It took ,e forever to write the blog this AM--- I was so "down" yesterday--I had called my sister and she hung up the phone open me--- Fred told me over and over to stop pestering her-- I hope I finally have--and I think I a,m OK with it now--- hard to accept tho--Hugs and hope all is well there with you-Lynda
    944 days ago
    Hi Carol---so nice to see yer message this morning--I hope yu have a great day!-Lynda
    950 days ago
    Hi Carol, Yu are right-It is Son#2 the Pilot--- So good of yu to let me know!--We have so many forest fires burning around here, it is a bit scary--- Lynda
    958 days ago
    Hi Carol, Did yu get on yer trip?-I keep watching--- finally thought I'd just ask---
    It has been extremely hot here-for this area--- and school is out so its been busy with grand kids out here jumping in the lake.
    Fred seems so much happier with his new ears--- too bad it oxidant happen sooner---
    I keep thinking g of you-wonder how yu are doing -Hugs, Lynda
    975 days ago
    lots work in the Spring---- This week it has been coolish so its easier to get stuff done outside--except for the flies--and Himself---who shouts out the window at me---- He has been not the happiest camper!----= Hopefully his attitude gets better once he is able to hear better-Lynda
    1006 days ago
    Hi Carol--- always nice other from yu! When is your trip?---- It's busy in Spring-more so this year as it was such a bad winter! ---- so----- life goes on-- Fred was so grouchy yesterday--much better today---It's hard for me to remember that he is almost 90 yrs--Most people his age are sleeping all day--not yelling out the window--LOL--- Anyway---Its so buggy here right now--hot too-must be in the 90's---- Enjoy yer Holiday long weekend!-Hugs, Lynda
    1015 days ago
    Hi Carol---- I colour my hair too--- In fact, that is where I was to-day!--Altho I wonder if I'll ever stop the colouring--- I tried it once but looked in the mirror and it looked like my Mom starring back at me.
    Everything going well here-- My Fred gets a bit cantankerous sometimes--- most days he is pretty good tho--- no more falls----
    It's Mother's Day coming up--- My kids don't do much on Mother's Day for me--- usually our daughter does--Too bad we can't order up what we want eh?--LOL--- Hope all is well there-Lynda
    1031 days ago
    Hi Carol, It really was wonderful to get outta town-- not the most exciting place to go--but--it was a good drive --Lynda
    1043 days ago
    So happy that you are trying for "me time"---There are days , it's hard to fit it in---guess we should be a bit more selfish!- Hopefully your himself is getting better-- Yu have spent a lot of time caring for him--And how did your time away go?---- I bet that would revive yu! Hugs Carol---- Lynda
    1055 days ago
    Yes--He is up and at-er early--all pilots are I think--Winter still hanging around these parts-Lynda
    1089 days ago
    Yes Ive had that for 2 yrs--Yu see its the type of cancer that doesn't spread--but it doesn't go away either---has to be removed surgically--I'm happy its gone now--just hope there will be no scar--- and I WILL wear more hats--- Lynda
    1098 days ago
  • SUNSHINE5268
    had to come back and read your loving post again :-)
    1120 days ago
    I hope the aliens don't come before its Spring--It sure has been a very cold, icey winter-- I do hear a few more birds in the area tho-
    -I walked Tess this afternoon as the thermometer said minus 7 C---- but--it sure was a very cold minus 7C--- and I wore a parka---
    Anyway--- Eventually this too shall pass--- Hugs Carol-Hope yer Hubby AND YOU, the caregiver, are doing OK---
    Fred is himself now--not that grouchy guy that he was after his fall--
    --Matt, the Pilot is flying a plane load of people to Calgary tonight-- flew over here at 4AM this morning, on his way home to Toronto--- called to say he flew right over our house and town as it was so cold and clear here-said he could see the McDonalds Arches from 30,000 ft--Amazing isn't that?
    Fred is the cook tonight--but I have to measure out the German's kibble--so I'm
    offa here---Lynda
    1120 days ago
    OK--I will come Carol--LOL--Oh I wish!--- so much snow here this year--- It was n exhausting day--- Lynda
    1130 days ago
    What lovely poem Carol-- And such a sad story about travelling with yer parents--- My heart went out for yu!-- Lynda
    1139 days ago
  • SUNSHINE5268
    what a touching post... thank you for posting it so we could all read it... you are such a Kind person,
    1147 days ago
    Thank you for your blog!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1152 days ago
    very nice to share... Thank You and Happy New Year to you and all those important to you...!!
    1152 days ago
    emoticon Happy 2018 to you.
    1152 days ago
    Thank you for sharing that, I'll copy and put it somewhere I'll see it everyday.

    1159 days ago
    A wonderful reminder. Thank you!
    1160 days ago
    thank you for your precious gift! I will put it on my page for all to see! God bless you, many wishes for a Healthy, happy new year for you and hubby! emoticon
    1160 days ago
  • SALLY5577
    What a wonderful gift to hand around. Thank you very much for the thought.
    1160 days ago
    1160 days ago
    Thanks! It's a great reminder.

    Have a wonderful year!
    1160 days ago
    Happy New Year to you and thanks for sharing beautiful poem💜
    1160 days ago
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