Quilting Day

Thursday, January 25, 2018

I have a lovely quilt that I made (put together) last fall and set it aside for hand quilting. It has lovely small purple flowers and a mellow green and cream fabric to offset the stronger purple that accompanies the flowers. The way the blocks came together the quilt is almost square but not quiet. So it's perfect for sitting in a cool morning or evening with a book and snuggling. I put it together with backing, border and binding but then folded it away because it had no owner... yet. Until a few days ago. I have the perfect owner in mind and it will make a wonderful surprise gift.

You see.........
a week ago we came just out of a that horrible cold spell and we used up every scrap of our fire wood. Irresponsible, I know. But we are planning to get a new pellet stove this year and didn't want to end up with all left over fire wood. So the cold as it is unusual for our area surprised us. But never mind that... I was hunting for fire wood last week and was not surprised that all was sold out or so high priced that it's nearly piracy. On my way home I remembered a neighbor of mine had a couple of logs stored behind her fence and I was wondering if she would sell them to me. So I knocked on her door and asked. She told me I could just take them, for she doesn't have a fire place. I offered to pay but she declined. So I drove around her property to the back fence and started loading the logs.... there was way more than I thought because a lot of the logs where covered in long grass and overgrowth from being out there for a long time. They were also longer than I thought and thicker. In fact hubby and I used the big chainsaw ( I have a smaller one for everyday stuff) and we had to cut some of logs three or four times. I ended up with about 1/2 court of fire wood, perfect for the rest of the winter.

So I am finishing that quilt for this neighbor and surprise her. I am also going to make her a batch of rolls (my specialty rolls) and bring them to her. She didn't have to give me the wood, she could asked for a lot of money, but she didn't ! thank you !
Remember the truth "God provides when we need it"
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