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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I went a different way on my walk this morning. The route I usually go to get the whole 5 miles in without back tracking is blocked by construction this week. So instead of walking into town I walk away from it. Not hard to do since I live already on the edge here... The country road took me on a straight road without much traffic. That is my favorite actually.. paved with no or little traffic. I wanted to see how far I can walk it. From driving the road I knew what to expect, but it's different when you walk it.

It was a real nice walk and I got as far as I thought I could and still make it back reasonably ... coming close to 5 miles around. So on the way back a lady comes out of a house that I just past and hollers for me. So I stop over to her and she starts asking about a dog down the road that always comes running out of the drive and how I walk with a stick and so I can whack him when he does... lol. I told her I don't whack dogs with my stick, but I carry it in case I trip or there's a skunk or something. She goes on " I don't like doing it either, but I also don't want to get bit!!" Well, long story short I told I didn't go as far as the house with the dog. She explains how she walked there to the end of the road ( I know where she is talking about because I drove it before) and she measured it and how it was a mile and a half from her house. More and more as she talks I get the feeling she really would like to walk that way if she wasn't so afraid of that dog. So I tell her how I am doing a challenge on Spark where I walk every day for close to 5 miles for altogether 45 days. Then I ask her if she would like for me to stop for her in the morning so she could walk with me that mile and a half. ...and wouldn't you know it, that's what she was after when she came out of her house in housecoat and flip flops to get me to let her walk with me... and not face that dog by herself.

So tomorrow morning I meet her and when I get back from that walk I have met one of my goals... 10 K in one stretch, for I checked how much the walk was without the extra mile and half. Boy, am I going to be tired! But I will have made a new friend. emoticon
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