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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I woke up with a sinus headache. Unavoidable this time of year as I have seasonal allergies. Yesterday the wind was so high, so I'm not surprised I got the headache. Incidentally I got an Dr. appointment today. Any time I needed a doc in the past I went to the air base and got seen fairly quickly. Lately however there was always some delay and the past few times I didn't even get to see my assigned dr. They have quite some staff issues as in they can't get the dr. to come in and stay and as a result are seriously understaffed.

So again, it comes as no surprise when I got a letter in the mail to seek outside medical care for all general dr. needs. Talking with staff over the past weeks I saw the writing on the wall and had already contemplated to go off base and find a dr. to take me on. I am such a burden, lol, with what one or two appointments tops a year, yeah that will be hard for a dr. to put up with me.

Today I have my first visit with the new dr. here in my home town... with a little bit more practice I can actually walk there to their clinic. Paperwork and hello how are you doing, I am assuming, are on the agenda today. Let's see how it goes and if I like her.
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