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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Last week right after my weigh in and Weight Watchers meeting, I torn out for Louisville, KY. Had not been up there for almost a year and friends were beginning to think I just didn't care, which was so no true. During the Summer last year I was too busy and was not even in Kentucky for a whole month, then my sister had shoulder surgery, had to help her out, the it seemed all heck broke loose and the year was gone. During the last part of last year I rejoined WW's, and I have a fantastic leader and the people there are great as well. So I've been back at WW's since Oct. 24 of last year. So to say I was a bit worried about my trip to Louisville is putting it mildly. Before I left last week I mentioned something about being a bit nervous about this trip, you know I'm not going to be in control of what is cooked where I'm staying, and I don't want to fall into that trap of, ''oh this is vacation so if I camp out at the pie & ice cream store, it won't count." I've done that so many times. So my leader said to me, ''this is a great way to learn what ''Lifestyle Change" really means, and what it means to you. So off I went, but knowing I would not have internet connection, I took alone a paper tracker with me, just so I could at least write EVERYTHING down. I stayed 5 days and nights, we ate out, she cooked, we even had pizza one night, and I wrote it all down. I came back home on Sunday morning, and as soon as I got home, got unpacked and a load of laundry going, I sat down at my computer logged into my WW's site and began to put in for each day what I had eaten. I'm sure I over pointed some stuff, but I'd rather give more points than less, so when I finished and I even put in what I had planned to have for Sunday night dinner, I still had 7 weekly points leftover. Now the next big test, would be my weigh in today. Now the week before, when I left after I weighed in, I lost 3.2 pounds, which is a lot for me. So my thinking was this, ''even if I gain, I can still know that I did not go crazy, I did not eat any cakes, candy's , cookies, ice cream, anything sweet. So this morning I wanted to be on that scale and when I got off the lady said to me, ''oh Joan, you are so close to losing 40 pounds." I lost .8 today, I am happy about that I have now lost a total of 39 pounds and (knock on wood) I've not had a gain since I started back in October. I have mentioned this before, ''things are different this time," can't put my finger on one special thing, but its as if I want this more now than I've ever wanted to get back to goal. I just had to learn what ''Lifestyle Change" meant to me.

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