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Saturday, April 07, 2018

My hubby read somewhere that walking with weights strengthens and works your abs... I snorted and told him bs... but

Yeah I been thinking about it and thought what if ??!
I naturally waited until he was sleeping, or in this case not up yet and picked my two heaviest hand weights I have. They are about 8 lbs. each and I carried one in each hand. So does that make it 16 lbs.? never mind.

Anyway, I walked brisk around my house. I got a clear path that takes me from the front door to the back of the kitchen in 45 seconds. SO I walk for 10minutes with both weights and now let me tell you... I can feel my abs! I don't know how much good it did or if it counts as a workout but I feel my ab-muscles. I can also tell you my arms are singling and my shoulders are crying. Yah, shoulda maybe tried a smaller weight. Upside is I got my arm workout in as I walked briskly my first 10 minutes for the day. GO ME !!
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