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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It's been a few months since my last blog. I used to blog all the time. But a few things have happened since my last blog. I started doing the 5% challenges again. I have really missed them. I did the 2017 fall challenge, the 2018 winter challenge and the 2018 spring challenge that started this past Saturday. I did alright during the fall. I did lose some weight in the winter challenge but I gained it back before the spring started. The goal is usually about 10-12 pounds during the weight loss challenges. The winter challenge I lost 3.5 pounds. Elijah turned 9 in February. Wyatt turned 1 in January. Wyatt is now walking and not eating the baby fruits, veggies and cereal. I bought some new furniture in my bedroom and now I have more floor space to exercise. My one neighbor has a daughter who is 8 and is autistic and Elijah has been playing with her a bunch. They, for the most part, get along. Both brains are wired differently. I have never really seen them until Elijah started playing with the daughter. I would see them walking to and from the store but I didn't know they lived next door. Somebody had given them a WII and I had told her about the problems about my WII thanks to a certain boy messing with them. She said she didn't need the second one and if it worked I could have it. So she tried it out and it works and plays the discs and gave it to me. I cleaned it up and set it up and I've been using it. It's been nice to be able to do some exercises. I've had to create new a new MII but it's a fresh start. I haven't used it in a while tho. I am still doing well in school. Still plugging away. I am getting bored with being home all the time tho. I am enjoying getting to watch Wyatt grow up and spend time with him. But at the same time not having an income other than what little child support I get and the money left over from the grants. It gets spent pretty quickly. I don't save money very well. I found out recently that I had made the presidents list at school in September and then I made the deans list with the last 2 set of classes. One of the classes was algebra and it just about drove me insane. I still managed to get an A even tho I didn't complete on of the assignments. At first I couldn't find the assignment because I couldn't log in on the day it was due and then after I finished the final it showed up and I tried to do it and wasn't getting anywhere and I said screw it. It wasn't worth the frustration. I was happy to be done with that class. Dan has yet to physically help me with his kid even after it was genetically proven Wyatt is his. He's all talk and no action. Karma will get him. If I'm lucky I'll get to see it happen.

I've gone back to an XL in pants and shirts. I'm upset about it but I'm the one who has let myself go. I have plenty of DVD's I can work out to and then there's YouTube videos that I can work out to and now I have the WII I can work out to. Yesterday I was going to start the new Yoga Burn DVDs I got. As I was making my bed a friend of mine had called and asked if I wanted to come out to the Chinese restaurant and I went out with her. It was a little after 1 when I left the house and it was after 2:30 when I got back to the house. Just enough time to put Wyatt down for his second nap of the day and to go to the bathroom before Elijah got home from school. Today I might run over to Food Lion to pick up a few things. I really didn't want to go anywhere yesterday because Elijah has an appointment today, Wyatt has an appointment tomorrow, Elijah has an appointment on Thursday and I have an appointment on Friday. On Friday I am going to see if they will check my thyroid and my vitamin D levels and see if I can go see a nutritionist or an RD to help with my eating habits and meal prepping. I did pretty well meal prepping but I don't want to eat the same things every day. Aldi is a good place to get some food. The last time I went there I had spent about $20 and got Elijah a box of the off brand capri suns, and a bunch of fruits and veggies for the house. Mainly for Wyatt to eat. We are out of grapes so I may pick up a small bag at Food Lion today. When I had meal prepped I had lost 3.6 pounds in a week. That's just from meal prepping my lunches for Monday thru Friday. Pretty awesome. I know if I continue to meal prep and add in some exercise I would have no problems losing weight. It only took about an hour to do 5 lunches. I have the containers. They are exactly what I wanted but I think they are a better quality. I do want to get a mini fridge for in my bedroom. Part of the reason why I haven't kept up with the meal prep is because I live with my mom and she has a habit of complaining about me taking up too much space and I over stock on food. Honestly if I could get another storage cabinet and put both of my storage cabinets where the crib is at then I would not only get a mini fridge but I would also get a deep freezer. Take out my stuff in the deep freezer and use on of the storage cabinets as a pantry. She could have all of the space in the cabinets. But I don't have the space for a second cabinet or the deep freezer. My room just isn't big enough for that. I could get a loft bed and put somethings under the bed like the mini fridge and a deep freezer. I found a full size loft bed on the Facebook Marketplace. I would have to get a bigger mattress for it since I have a twin size mattress. A bigger bed does sound nice. Future goals.

Speaking of future goals. One of the things that I've been wanting to do for nears now is to build my own house from the ground up. I don't want to buy a house that is already built. Mainly because I'm finding that there are things that I do like in each house I look at. I was on Pinterest looking at floor plans and I think I have finally found the one I really like. One of the things I want in the house is a bedroom that I can turn into a fitness room. Another thing I look at is where the bedrooms are. I don't want the master bedroom and bathroom to be on one side of the house or on one floor and the other bedrooms being on the other side of the house or on another floor. In the floor plan that I found that I like master bedroom/bathroom and the bedrooms are on the side of the house. I can put the boys in their own rooms and have a bedroom I can turn into a fitness room. In this floor plan I would turn the dining room into an office since it has the breakfast nook. I don't need both. I would take out one of the sinks in the master bathroom because there's only going to be one of me using the sinks and quite honestly I don't need 2 sinks. I would move the toilet to where the second sink is at. I would close up the door to the master closet so I don't have to walk thru the bathroom to get to the closet. Elijah would have bedroom 4. Wyatt would have bedroom 3. I would take out the closet in the laundry room and make the closet in bedroom 3 bigger. Since I'm going to use the dining room as an office I would take out the tech center and expand the pantry. The back porch I would make it bigger and stretch it out to the master bedroom and possibly put a door in there. If I had enough money I would make the house slightly bigger so I could have more space in the bedrooms.Not much but just a few feet. I might even take out the wall in the dining room and have it open and just put a desk in there I want a bigger front porch as well. Make it the length of the front of the house to where the garage. I would keep the 2 car garage simply because I do want a second vehicle. I would like to pay off my current truck and get a bigger truck. I like big trucks. One day I'll be able to afford it. I've been looking into custom building a new truck. I don't know if I am going to go with a Chevy Silverado 3500 or a Dodge Ram 3500. Either way I'm going to get it brand new and with a sun roof and with the back window that opens. I don't care how it opens as long as it opens. I still have a goal to open up my own gym. Mom likes the floor plan I have. For the most part it's what I want in a house. Few minor changes. I want to be able to pick out things like the cabinets, flooring and paint colors. I have a for the home board on Pinterest with ideas. I don't know if I am going to keep the shower and the bathtub in the master bathroom. It depends on if I can get a bathtub big enough to cover my knees, belly and chest all at the same time. I really don't take that many baths. Mainly because I'm too big for a regular bathtub. I may put in a small hot tub in my bathroom. I'll be able to use it more once Wyatt is bigger. When the kids move out I don't know what I'll do with their bedrooms. Maybe turn them into guest rooms. But the office and the fitness room will always be there. I would love to be using the elliptical right about now. I would love to have a room to just focus on exercise. I do plan on buying cases of water bottles to put in there as well as keep some in the kitchen or the office. Whatever. The furniture I bought for my bedroom is technically living room furniture so once I get my own place I'll move that into the living room and add a few more end tables and coffee tables and maybe another storage cabinet. The furniture is a rustic grey and I love the color of it.

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    I love Pinterest! emoticon are a busy lady! emoticon Congrats on doing so well in school! That is a challenge to do school while having children too. Good for you! emoticon I love my Wii! You know you can count those Wii minutes toward exercise minutes on the 5% challenge, right? Hang in there busy friend! emoticon
    896 days ago
    Success to you!
    898 days ago
    I like to design houses too. I used to buy the books of plans once in a while - they are expensive - and pick over all the designs. Too Fun!
    I've had to pare back on refer space. We had two fridges and more in our home/shop. As we have downsized over the past few years, we now live in our tiny home/trailer on our property. Only one fridge now, about 1/3 size of one regular refrigerator. We just take more walks to the store, buy less and get along fine.
    Hope your day Sparkles! hugs, Janey
    898 days ago
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