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Getting my Saturday off to a spectacular start!

Saturday, May 05, 2018

I have a love/hate relationship with mornings. Mostly hate. But if I AM going to be getting up early to do something, I usually want to wake up really early and get the show on the road. I'm not good at sleeping in a little. I either sleep til noon or I'm ready to go at 6 am. This morning I did manage to sleep til 7:15 before I woke up and started waiting impatiently for 9 am. At 8:20 I sent my friend a message and told her if she was awake and ready early, to let me know.

By 8:45, my friend and I were loaded up in my car and headed first to Chick Fil A. We got grilled chicken egg white sandwiches and fruit cups for breakfast, which was super tasty. Then we headed off to what we thought was just the farmer's market. When we got there, we discovered there were some people set up selling some handmade craft items and stuff as well. More things to look at, woo hoo!

After 10 minutes of driving around looking for a parking space and finally stalking a young couple and their children back to their car, we were parked and ready to get out. We started at one end and walked to the other, but we skipped a lot of tables. There are a LOT of baked goods at farmer's markets. Those had to be avoided. But we poked and looked at some things, and strolled our way up the street. We made it all the way to the far end of the market before I had to stop and sit for a bit.

Once I sat for a few, we got up, crossed the street, and prowled around everything on the other side, making our way back toward the car. The only part that was really hard was the kettle corn. It's HARD to pass up the fresh made kettle corn. But we did! {My friend is doing Weight Watchers too.}

In the end, the only food item I bought was some ground bison to make bison burgers for Hubs. I bought a couple of cute little items for myself and a couple of gifts. And we were given some free samples of things, too. Love free samples!

By the time we got back to the car, we'd been walking for over an hour, 35 minutes of which I gave us credit for as actual walking time. We had in almost 2800 steps. And it wasn't even noon! It was a great start to the morning. A healthy breakfast followed by some exercise in the fresh morning air, can't beat it!

Not sure what I'll get up to for the rest of the day. Tonight is Hubs last night of vacation, which stinks. Depending on how my parts are feeling later, I may see if he wants to take Ginger to the park to walk this afternoon.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

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