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The Generator takes over-

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

There are good days---and sometimes there are crazy days--
I suppose that is why I must stay strong--to deal with a day where everything goes wrong--ALL DAY!

-that's how I felt yesterday-

You see a storm went thru here in the morning--- and another storm hit us around noon--high winds-darkness and torrential rains-
Of course we lost power -

"It's OK ", Himself announced, as we will have our nap. He was suggesting the the power would return not too much later.
So, I lay down-----in the quiet , powerless, darkened house.
Tess, the German, as in dog, paced beside me--quite often pawing me, to tell me to do something about the powerless situation.

We do have a generator which has sat outside, never been used, for 2 yrs, as both Himself and I are not too sure of how it works---

So, I got off the couch--announced to Himself, that we might as well figure this mammoth machine out-

Eventually we managed to get it going, turned a switch, and it took over the whole house--the pump--the water, the lights --- It was like magic!
I just couldn't believe that we were off the grid, and an extremely loud machine, filled with premium gasoline, could power everything---
-well----not the hot water tank--I managed to turn that off-
-the WIFI went wacky----the garage door himself kinda pulled up manually and wrecked the rubber---

I went to bed exhausted---but-----so proud that we figured out our most wonderful machine----"The generator"---

I wonder if Queen Elizabeth owns a generator---
I bet she doesn't have to figure out how to use it--

My weight is slowly trickling down--
But it is a lot of "mind over matter"-
I must "Spark hardy" --One never knows what a day will bring!
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