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How's it Going? 3PGC and Weight

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Linked above is an earlier blog about the application of the Three Principles to weight issues. (And yes, that blog in turn linked to three videos on the topic from the 3PGC community -- Three Principles Global Community: the "three principles" being mind, consciousness and thought, and the "key concept" being that we can return to our innate condition of mental health, confidence and peace at any time so long as we recognize that our anxiety-inducing 60,000 to 100,000 daily thoughts are "just thoughts" and not necessarily reality).

So: 3PGC has some affinities with cognitive behaviour therapy and Dr. Judith S. Beck's teachings about "learning to think like a thin person". But my inner rebel has never been entirely happy with the hard work required to summon up the 7 Questions and to address subversive thoughts with intellectual rigour etc. etc. etc. each and every time I'm tempted to deviate from my "diet". I have always wished for something that requires less will power (we KNOW will power is a quickly-exhausted resource): less effort, less internal wrestling . . . not just because I'm probably a bit lazy but because it all seems so inelegant and focused on "fixing" me and unnatural and ultimately non-sustainable.

And: 3PGC promises an effortless sense that the body you wish for already IS. Oh my: an entirely seductive concept!

But: not necessarily or entirely "intuitive" or random: just very substantially less self-critical. If you watched the third video linked in the previous blog, where Dr. Linda Pettit speaks about her weight-loss journey: she did track. She did pay attention to nutrition and to exercise. But: more from the perspective of curiosity about what her body wanted. What felt good to her body. And with acceptance that what her body wanted changed over the course of her weight loss journey as her metabolism changed.

That anxious self-vigilance and self-criticism stopped. That "I'm not good enough, I'll never be good enough . . . ". Yeah.

So: as I've been experimenting (curiously!!) with the 3PGC approach, I've also continued to track my nutrition. And of course I've continued to be active.

But: my attitude is transforming itself. I am feeling less anxious. Less rebellious. And: I am most definitely feeling less exasperation about the "band-width" required and more contentment with the body I have.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes this is a life changing approach. I visited the website and will keep on looking...but I will say on first pass how much your observations here in this blog remind me of the Buddhist concept of grasping and suffering. From the first moment I heard about that I instinctively knew its truth.
    48 days ago
  • NANCY-
    The mind is an intricate thing.
    Thankfully we can control how we think.
    It is wonderful to be able to find the "tools" we need.
    248 days ago
    Hmm, yeah, but sometimes the difference between what my body wants (fuel, nutrition, movement) and what I want (based in pleasure, desire etc) is not so easy to discern...
    249 days ago
    Oh yes yes - the old "I'm a loser but if I try hard to be perfect I might fool everybody into thinking I'm not" game. yeah yeah yeah

    The subtle shifts from a shaking finger (My reaction to the Beck book) to the curious checking in (me now) has been very liberating. I'll admit - I'm still a wee bit anxious about my ability to make good choices enough of the time ... but just a bit.

    My copy of the 3pgc book ought to be here soon. Thanks, yet again, for pointing me in a new and fascinating direction.
    249 days ago
    So glad you are relaxing more. Stress does make it difficult in so many ways to live a healthy lifestyle.
    My main reason for starting tracking was to not only get an idea of the calories in food, but more importantly, get a realistic sense of what a real portion is. I am not good at guessing and never will be, but as long as its in the ball park it should be okay. But after I started maintaining for a while the tracking shifted attention to purely nutrition, am I getting enough daily vitamin and minerals needed by the body. Like a banana will only give you less than half the potassium needed in a day. I quickly realized you will never satisfy the requirements (you simply can't eat that much lol) so supplements were needed.
    Keep on showing the way, that even an experienced maintainer can learn new tricks!
    249 days ago
    emoticon I have watched the videos several times since you posted them and someone recommended them and gain a little more insight each time I view!
    249 days ago

    I'm a BIG fan of the more relaxed approach. Part of it is that I just get bored with focusing on thinking about eating, or not eating, or what I "should" eat versus what I "want" to eat. (I keep trying to like certain foods, but I just don't like acorn squash or butternut squash or beets...........so I've given up. I can't force myself to like them.)

    Part of it is that with travelling, I want to experiment with cuisines. Eat like the local population (within reason - I don't want to eat monkey, for example). But I need to be able to be flexible given how we're opted to live in our early retirement.

    Basically, I find that I need to track my nutrition and pay attention to portion size - but I also need to vary what I'm eating, and that what I want (or need) definitely changes - sometimes according to what is available given where we are. But I also need to keep up with my walking (or swimming, or whatever) - or I start gaining (weight or just inches due to less muscle).

    249 days ago
    Great stuff here thanks :)
    249 days ago
    Congrats on greater peace and contentment. What could be more valuable?
    249 days ago
    glad you find this approach helps to keep you less anxious. That's worth a lotl
    249 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    I had two goes at Beck and got some valuable insights, but each time I found it laborious and never got through the whole thing.
    249 days ago

    My experience has mirrored Dr. Linda Pettit's Not only have I described myself as a canary, I also consider myself a "curious George". This has been a journey of discovery for me. No sense of deprivation or punishment involved … ever.

    The fundamental, underlying question has been this … "How do I nourish my body best?" It is about "nourishment" in the deepest sense. Food is just a small part of it.

    Congratulations on the transformation.

    I have also experienced this journey more as an exercise in surrender and not one of effort. I know, a very yin approach. It is who I am.

    249 days ago
    I have never had an emotional issue with food or body weight, I have just always worked with the premise that if food is not health giving then I should not eat it. Do I treat myself by indulging, of course! However I don't beat myself up over it but just get back on the wagon and recognize that a rare treat is good for the soul. Besides, well prepared health giving food is a treat. emoticon emoticon
    249 days ago
    It's sometimes difficult not to judge ourselves, but it feels so good when we don't!
    249 days ago
    The non-judgmental, "ah-hah, this feels good" approach seems to work well on so many levels, and as a personal observation, when I'm giving my body what it wants, everything seems to fall in line. Those are the times when the program seems "easy".
    249 days ago
    I like the idea of tracking, not to find the total calories in/out, but to record how you felt. That actually should be a feature Spark could add on the nutrition and fitness trackers. That appeals to the organizer/accountant in me and would take the focus off of feeling guilty just because I slipped. I do an informal excel tracker and could add a column. Interesting.

    249 days ago
    Cool - here's to paying attention.
    249 days ago
    249 days ago
    Whatever works for us is awesome! emoticon emoticon
    249 days ago
    Good to hear...less anxious is best. Please never lose a small sense of the rebel...just channel it for good. emoticon
    249 days ago
    Yessss! Great analysis of Linda Pettit's very helpful video. So glad that you are feeling less anxious and less rebellious.
    The 3P posits that if we stop overthinking and allow the creative force of the Universe to help us heal, it will. Which is a very comforting thought. (Einstein is quoted as saying that the most important question is whether the Universe is friendly or not). 3P assumes that the Universe is friendly and that if we don't get in the way by overthinking, the answers will show up. A bit like A.A.'s "let go and let God" .
    We still have to work at what we want, but it makes it less of a struggle.
    I am working of developing that sense of trust.
    249 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/14/2018 10:16:26 AM
    How fascinating! As ONEKIDSMOM always says (and maybe she's not the original), your experiment of 1 is paying dividends!
    249 days ago
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