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Yoga and Daily Burn

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Most people these days are on Facebook. I'll admit to being on it entirely way to much. I've thought about deactivating my account because of all of the drama there is on Facebook. However despite the drama I am in several groups. More groups than I can actually count. There's the fitness related groups and then there's the bullet journal groups. Recently it's the blogging groups because I want to get into blogging from home and earning an income from it. More on that later. But anyways there's ads on Facebook. One of the ads is for Daily Burn and another for Yoga Burn. For the Yoga Burn they had a sale where the monthly DVD is free and you just have to pay shipping. Before you checked out there was an option to add in a second monthly DVD. I clicked on it. I didn't read before checking the box so I was thinking that I was going to be getting a different DVD. I'm all up for trying new workouts and I've been thinking about getting into yoga anyways. Anyways according to one of my instructors I'm not normal. But he was talking to the whole class about personal trainers. I'm going to school to be a personal trainer and I do want to do group fitness classes as well. With one of the classes being a boot camp class and there is a certification for that. There's also a certification for kettle bells. But anyways the Yoga Burn DVDS get here and they are both the same set of DVDs. Great. So I give the other one to mom. On Monday I decided to finally put the Yoga Burn DVD into the DVD play and do month 1, week 1, practice 1. Boy oh boy am I not flexible at all. I am going to be using this DVD for several months to come. I don't know how many months I am going to be using this DVD but it's going to be a while. I am not flexible at all. It doesn't help that this is the first time I have done yoga. I have done Blogilates with Cassie Ho but it's different than Yoga. Here's the link to Cassie Ho's channel on YouTube
. I'll talk more about Cassie Ho and Blogilates. Back to yoga. I do like it. It's calming and relaxing and a lot to learn and I think I will continue to do it. I read in a Prevention Magazine a few months ago that people lost more weight doing yoga twice a week than those who do not do yoga. I plan on doing yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then there's Daily Burn. Both Yoga Burn and Daily Burn have monthly membership fees with Yoga Burn sending out new DVDs every month. I'm still not sure how that goes with Yoga Burn because I have not looked into very much. Daily Burn you get programs. Lots of Programs. There's a kettle bell program, there's a program with Bob Harper. There's a yoga program. With the Daily Burn you get 30 days free and then there's a choice of memberships. There's the basic which is like $14.99 a month and then there's the premium which is like $19.99 a month and you get everything with the premium. Plus with Daily Burn there's an app and a website. Every morning when I wake up I have one of two routines depending on the day. The days where Elijah has to get up and get ready for school or summer camp I get up, turn on the coffee pot, go in his room and attempt to wake him up, go to the bathroom and back into his room to attempt to wake him up and then get my coffee in my cup. At some point in that routine I check emails, Facebook, Pinterest and whatever else that has a notification. On the days where I don't have to get up and get Elijah started I sometimes lay in my bed and check emails and everything that has a notification. This week Elijah is on vacation from summer camp and mom is on vacation from work but isn't in this state. On Monday or Tuesday I get an email from Groupon about something fitness. I love fitness. So I go onto the groupon website on my phone and scroll down and there's a 60 day trial for Daily Burn for the premium. I'm like sweet! So I get it and start the trial like a day or two later. Today was actually the first day I really worked out with it. Again I love trying new workouts. Since today is a non yoga day I did kettle bells. The workout that I did on Daily Burn wasn't difficult. It definitely made me sweaty. There was a warm up at the beginning and then a yoga cool down at the end. The actual workout was 4 rounds of like 8 exercises and each exercise was 30 seconds with a minute rest between each round. I liked how he alternated the rounds with each side. Not all of the exercises used the kettle bell. The first exercise was the plank. There were squats, rows and a few others. After I was done with the workout I used the back massage machine thing on my legs so they wouldn't be as sore. I'm not sure how many squats I did each round. I love squats.Tomorrow I am going to plug in the Yoga Burn DVD and do month 1, week 1, practice 3. Monday I attempted to do the kettleworx DVD. I made it half way thru the cardio DVD which has 4 programs. I picked the first program and did like half of it. I ended up pressing a button. I did like the workout that I did. If I can plan the workout and nap time at the same I'll be happy. The kettleworx DVD has a poster that lets you know what to do each day and I had it hung up however Wyatt decided he was going to take it down and tear it up. I have no idea where to get another physical poster at other than attempt to find another thing at Ollie's where I got the DVD at in the first place. The whole thing was like $1.99. I can look it up on Pinterest. After the 60 day free trial is up I'm not sure if I am going to continue with it or cancel it and wait until I have an income

I've been thinking about blogging for an income for a while now. I know with everything it takes time to get to where you want to be. I did find a 5 day free course that this couple wish they knew about when they started blogging. I'm glad they are sharing. Part of what they shared is by blogging they are able to take vacations and some vacations are paid for. They said they make $30,000 a month which I don't know how true that is. I don't follow bloggers on a regular basis outside of SparkPeople. I have a few people on YouTube that I follow. I watch those vlogs on a regular basis. One of the instructors I had in school encouraged us to have an income where we don't have to put in too much work. I forget what he said it was. I've thought about becoming a YouTuber. I have a separate channel that kinda goes along with the Facebook page that I created in one of my classes. I have a few videos posted and the only views I have are the ones from both accounts. It's weird being talking into a camera. Speaking of camera I finally have my camera and my charging cord in one place. For years I could either find the camera or find the cord or neither one. It was on rare occasion that I could find both. I went to the last consignment sale to get clothes clothes and found a camera bag for $5. Mine! It's a sweet deal. I did have to wash it up before I could use it. I found one thing and put it in there and I searched for the other thing and put it in there. I had to go to Walmart and get a cord to plug the camera into the computer. It turns out I can use the same port thing to plug into the camera as I can into the GPS. SO it works out. There's some other ones as well. I couldn't find just that one port. But anyways I want my blog, like my Facebook page and YouTube channel to be fitness related. I want it to be about weight loss, fitness and health with a side of inspiration. I am going to school to be a personal trainer but I look more like a client than an actual trainer. I think I can write well enough to be able to become a blogger. I just have to get used to talking into a camera. I want to be able to make an income to support the income I'm making in a gym as a trainer. I do want to be able to do things with the boys like take vacations, and to be able to move out and into my own place. I do want to build my own house and have enough land for the boys to run around safely outside. I also want to do a custom build truck. I'm debating between a Dodge Ram 3500 or a Chevy Silverado 3500. I like big trucks. I do still want a smaller truck to go to places but I also like a bigger truck to haul things.

My mom decided to take a vacation this week. She went to PA and is staying with my sister. She left Friday morning. I had plans to finally use my meal prep containers since I had the entire fridge to myself. I did clean out the fridge and went grocery shopping. But I never used the containers. I did wash the containers. I also had plans to completely deep clean most of the house. I did as much as clean the lower cabinets and clean the fridge. It's like my mojo took off and my get up and go got up and went without me. I wanted to clean out the upper cabinets and the pantry in the laundry room and the laundry room. My original plan was to either Friday night or Saturday morning to put the cat's litter box, food and water dishes into mom's room because he's too much of a scaredy cat to come out when people are home and awake and use the litter box or to eat. The whole panic and run thing. I did put his food and water dishes into mom's room. He's not a happy kitty since mom isn't here. I have no idea when she's coming back. I don't think she knows when she's coming back. I'm hoping she leaves Saturday morning and stays the night in a hotel and then comes home on Sunday. My sister started a new job and yet some how take the week off to spend time with mom. Last night the cat wasn't happy because of the fireworks and when I went in mom's room to check the food and water dishes there was a wet spot on mom's bed from his bladder. He got a little scared. I have not seen him at all today. Me and the boys did have to go to the bank to pay the rent and then we went to CVS because I'm almost out of cough medicine for my bronchitis. The big bottles of the CVS brand of cough medicine was on clearance for half off and I ended up getting the last 3 bottles. It'll last me a while and I"m hoping that the bronchitis will go away soon. We are going on the third weekend. I'm doing the cough medicine, the cough drops and the eucalyptus essential oil in the diffuser. Normally when I do that it's gone after about a week or so. It's getting better. I'm glad I went to CVS rather than to Walmart. I would have missed the clearance. I also picked up another bag of cough drops. The main reason for the deep cleaning is the cockroaches. When we moved in here we didn't know the house was infested with them. I have 2 bins out in the shed that need to be thrown away because they crawled inside. Yeah I'm not about to go thru the bins. I'm not really sure what's in the bins honestly. I had them in the closet in Baton Rouge but the closet here is a quarter of the size that I had there. One of the things I want in my house is walk in closets. Another thing I want is my own bathroom. I did find a floor plan that I love. There's a few things that I would change about it. Like in the master bathroom there's 2 sinks and I plan on taking it out and moving the toilet over there and moving the closet door because I'm not a fan of having to walk thru the bathroom to get to the closet. Plus since I'm single I don't need 2 sinks. I'm good with one. I'm only one person.

Saturday started an 8 week challenge to lose 5% of our weight. Normally I gain the weight back in between the challenges but this time I lost a couple of pounds in between the challenges. I've been trying to eat better. This week I've been trying to get into an exercise routine. In the challenges that I've done in the past I have always lost and gained the same few pounds. I'm trying to change that with this challenge. I'm hoping to reach my goal. My goal is to lose about 12 pounds. It's doable.

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    emoticon Sounds like you have a lot going on and a lot of well thought out plans. I love that last picture in your blog! emoticon
    1073 days ago
    1076 days ago
    Keep it up!
    1077 days ago
    I am excited you are getting in to Yoga. It has been a game changer for me. I tend to be anxious and ADD personality, always excitable. Yoga has truly calmed me down, led me to meditation, helped me to explore my anxiety and ADD issues and really work on myself. I can't say enough good about it. Hope that you find what you are looking for as well! emoticon emoticon
    1077 days ago
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    Oh my goodness you are so busy!! I admire your complete immersion into all things fitness. You have found your true passion!!
    1077 days ago
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