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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

When I had a day off from school as a kid, I'd watch game shows. Bob Baker on 'The Price is Right' and Alex Trebek on 'Jeopardy' were two of my favorites. I seldom watch 'The Price is Right' now that Bob is retired. I just for some reason don't like it as much with Drew as host. But 'Jeopardy' has been my favorite for some time. My first husband was very smart and knew a lot of things that I didn't (still don't) but I'd often beat him in the game of 'Trivial Pursuit' because in addition to knowing the correct answers, you need some luck landing on the right space. I was usually luckier than him. We would watch 'Jeopardy' together and he'd answer more than me but it use to drive him crazy that I often guessed the answer to Final Jeopardy after given the category but before the clue was given. There are a lot of clues that I don't know the answer but one of my favorite parts is when I do know the answer and none of the three contestant do. I recently read that Alex Trebek is thinking of retiring in 2020 when his current contract is ended. I hope that whenever he does retire, they get a really good host to replace him. But I doubt if I ever stop watching because I do enjoy the show and trying to guess answers that the contestants don't know. I sometimes try to guess the Final Jeopardy answer before seeing the clue but it isn't as much fun as when Jim would just shake his head in disbelief.

Do you watch any game shows and if so, what is your favorite?
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