long summer

Thursday, August 16, 2018

What a long summer, or at least it felt this way. Too many 100 days, meaning days with temps over 100 left us tired and lethargic; mostly my hubby it did. But that effects us all, because he makes sure it does. It's in his nature and I am used to it. So now that the end of summer is here (as in schools starts and temps dropping) it will get easier for me. We got the kiddo another 4 workdays, and then its off to school. First grade, and she is super exited! All in all we had a great summer with her, but we can tell she is ready to be with kids and move on to do more kid things. … and get a break from grumpy old Opa. Her and hubby argue like old pro's and it drives me bananas! I am so ready for an island and just walks and a few good books. But, as it is life that will not happen.

So what's up with me? … well, my summer didn't go so well. I nearly gained 10 lbs. It feels like coming back from a long hot vacation with too much food and not enough to do. So back to basics for me. I started walking last weekend and worked myself up to 45 min walks already. I am back out there with my walking stick and running shoes on a familiar trail. That is something, and just doing that I already lost 2 of the ten. I started working in the garden yesterday and added that to my daily's. It will help regain some muscle as I have lots of raking, pulling and taking care of branches on my to do list. The heat left my garden tired and exhausted and it is time to clean it up and get ready for maybe some Fall planting... not sure yet. I might just take the time and set some pavers and stepping stones and get a new space ready for that lawn furniture I just inherited. I know after it cools off some I need to move some of the established shrubs around, they have spots now that they are not doing well at all and need to be moved to better locations. Let's see how it goes. First though it needs to cool some more, we are still in the mid 90's as it still is top of the summer. But I like to think about this and plan ahead.. and get back to walking and watching what I eat and perhaps managing to ditch the night time snacks.
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