first day of school

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Summer break is over and the kiddo went to school today. Good thing she clicked with her new teacher when she met her Monday. Poor thing (the teacher) has no idea what she is in for. lol

Warm temps are persistent around here and summer has not kicked it yet. I am taking advantage of the cooler mornings, if you can call temps in the mid 80's cool. I am back to walking in the mornings since I don't have to accommodate the kiddo's schedule and breakfast arrangements and referee between her and hubby. I was able to work in the garden, well the yard actually in front of the house yesterday and got some real progress made. The difference was so noticeable that even my daughter (who usually is blind to such things) made a positive comment. I finely decided to get rid of the large unruly cactus at the edge of my parking area. I had to saw it apart and dig out the roots and than transport it all to the trash. This time I also got smart and touched not one piece of it. I ended up with only one fine thorn on the side of my thumb. I raked some piles of stuff... dried leaves, grass clippings and weeds that I pulled. Every time I managed a pile of it my cat decided to jump in it and than proceeded to lay in it. I ended up making new piles every time. I moved rocks and collected river rock to move to another space to catch the rain that comes of the house. Well, I am not catching the rain - I am keeping it from making a mess on my front porch. All that work in my yard yesterday and I only made a small dent in what it is left to do. My muscles where sore and when I tripped and almost could not catch myself on my sore knee I knew it was time to give up for the day. Many more days to come... but a good workout and a good beginning.
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