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Today is WORLD GRATITUDE DAY 21 Sept. 2018

Friday, September 21, 2018

I can't always be grateful for the 'world;' I don't think anyone who follows the news could, but there are many people and things I AM (daily) grateful for, because, just like faith works best if you don't only take it out for a walk to church on Sundays, but practice it every day, gratitude is most alive when you stir it up every day.

Today I'm especially grateful that it's Friday, that I'm (mostly) caught up on prep for Monday's start-of-term classes, that I now own my house, that my health is solidly good, my friends are solidly there, and that I have enough to live and to give.

I'm teaching myself to make pumpkin pancakes (adding pumpkin changes the entire cooking process/time and it's a new challenge because I do N.O.T. cook easily or well). The house smells of pumpkin and spices, I have tea made for when this last 'cake' is done.

Gratitude has great in it. (It also has 'tirade,' but I'm ignoring that).

I hope everyone finds something around them to say thank you to, or thank you for. And tomorrow is autumn...another thank you...we made it through the summer. Oh...for those who are curious? Tomorrow is WHITE CHOCOLATE Day. Someone else can celebrate that: I like my chocolate dark...the darker the better.
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