30 Days of Blogging- Day 1

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hey Everyone!
I used to be an avid Sparker when I was younger. Not that I'm very old now I'm 24. However, I have gained weight continuously since I got married in 2014. I am now at my highest weigh right around 252lb. I am in no way happy with where I am. I have two bio kids ages 3 and 1 and two step kids ages 8 & 6. I am lacking motivation these days and not feeling all that very great about myself. I'm a stay at home mom and contrary to popular belief it's very hard. I love my kids to pieces but it's hard always giving my everything to my husband and my kids. It feels like I have nothing that is mine and when I find something it feels like I have to drop it to take care of my family. This means that I'm at the bottom of the pile and I'm not really okay with that anymore. Yesterday I decided that I would get back on Sparkpeople and see how it goes. So I am committing myself to 30 days of blogging. I am hoping to add a new healthy "thing" into my life every week. My main healthy habit that I will be focusing on this week is getting 8 cups of water per day. I have been in a bad habit of drinking a lot of sugary drinks and I am hoping that if I cut that habit maybe it will help me start to loose weight and look forward to making more healthy habits. I hope that all made sense! Look out for my blog entries every day for the next 30 days. I am really hoping that Spark will help me get back on track!

Have a great day!
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