Happy to be back

Monday, October 29, 2018

I took time out and now I am happy to be back. It's funny how sometimes simple things can mess us up. For me its interruption of routine or new demands that have not settled into routines. .. even when they are self-imposed.
I have been loosing and gaining the same three pounds over the last three to four month. Finally, I had enough, so I spend a little more than a week doing nothing, not thinking about my weight, the scale, or eating healthy. ...and you know what? it happened on its own. I have been really good this week without thinking about it. That might be my problem all along - that I think too much about it all.

Fall has arrived here in my little slice of Texas. The rain is giving us a break and everything still damp and wet is getting a chance to dry for a bit. The temps this week are still close to 70's, so I am back to walking outside. I rode my stationary bike a couple of times last week, so I am going to keep that up in addition to my morning walk. My mood is balanced and I fell content again. Hubby is still working with various specialists to figure out what going on but the biggest fears are laid to rest. They are not messing with his cancer. He has a slow-growing one inside his skull and as long as it keeps up this snail pace it's being left alone. About 15 years ago he had surgery and treatment. Now its back, but again its a creeper, so no treatment needed. That gives him time to deal with all other issues. It is what it is and as there is little to do about it we are both content.
We celebrated our 35th anniversary earlier this month. Lol an anniversary that no one believed would happen, not because of cancer but because they thought we didn't have that chance. It's not gonna last ...you'll come back crying... lol 35 years!! people and we are proving you wrong every day!

I get to have my family this Thanksgiving. I am so looking forward to this and for the first time, we are having 11 people gathered together around the table. It's giving hubby a bit of a fright, but I am excited. I explained and showed him how it's gonna work in my modest kitchen without an oven and a dishwasher... lol. That's what we are working with this year. By next year I hope the kitchen renovations are going through, but that is for later.

I have been knitting and sewing like mad the last month. My daughter and I are signed up for trade days and we are displaying and selling our crafts. I am looking forward to it just alone for the contacts you can make at those things. Oh ya, I had my first Etsy sale this week too. Someone from NJ bought one of my listings. That was exhilarating and validating at the same time. I changed up my inventory a bit and am working on more, at the same time I make more to sell at trade days and more to sell on my new Amazon store. Yes, I forgot to mention that I sell on Amazon now and that for me is big... well once someone discovers me and buys something. So things around here are busy and maybe that was all that was need to ground me again and get me back started. So now I am back!
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