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Friday, November 09, 2018

we are battening down the hatches..supposed to be snow, ice, you name it. with keto i dont need to rush to the store for anything..i have cheese, cream, butter, sausage, meat, everything i need. if i cant cook inside i have a grill. so..hit me with your best shot!!

thinking the attic is a no go today. and probably till spring. too cold up there my hands freeze too fast. so...i'll just concentrate on downstairs and really get that clean, then start in the attic when it warms up some. i put some boxes of magazines near the stairs..i can go up and grab a few when i feel inspired..and go through them then toss them. its only 3 boxes but every box gone is a step closer to being done, right?

Made a big breakthrough in the pantry yesterday. as i'm working (and for those that dont pantry is bigger than most people's bedrooms..huge,..and the catch all for stuff) I have been tossing things without a home, too good to throw out but no clue what to do with them..into a HUGE box. i tackled the box yesterday, and now its GONE. everything put away or in a storage unit with drawers, i know where it is if i need it, and the box is gone. unfortunately, in old country houses (mine is from the 1700s) especially those built into hills like mine is, you get mice. so, in the pantry i have 4-5 BIG plastic tubs full of food that they would get into..boxed or plastic wrapped things. so, when i go shopping on monday, going to get some smaller containers that will fit, hopefully, in the cupboards, for most of that stuff. then i would have the floor mostly done..i have one box of clipped recipes i have to put into my looseleaf "try this" recipe file, and then the floor will be open for the first time in 20 years!! woohoo! i go..have a wonderful day!
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