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Week 34 healthy pregnancy weigh in: Fires all around!

Friday, November 09, 2018

Wow, first the shooting yesterday and then out of nowhere 2 fires on each side of me (now 3). It was pretty nerve wracking last night to look out of my bedroom window and see fire sprouting over the hills behind us. Luckily, the wind blew it away from us not towards us so no evacuations thank goodness!

My son was pretty nervous and had a nightmare about it last night where the fire went crazy and caused a plane and helicopter to crash. He's only 7 and I told him everything was fine. He has been wanting to watch the news and I made him turn it off because it's just making him more nervous.

Unfortunately, there's still a lot of stuff I need to get done today as it's grocery day and I need to pick up presents for the party tomorrow.....if there's still a party. I'm not sure at this point but the gifts are already paid for so??

I also want to get a thank you card and gift card for my friend who's hosting the baby shower. I ended up not telling anyone about the no kids thing. If it blows up into an argument.....oh well. I really wanted to do something casual and relaxed for the baby shower. Maybe at a restaurant but I feel like this got taken over and turned into something else. I'm sure I'll have fun but it may be a bit awkward. -__-

So I have to go out in the ashy air. I might get a mask of some kind but looking out the window the smoke is blowing away from us so hopefully the air won't be too bad. All the schools in my area are closed so I have my kids with me, one less thing to be stressed about so I feel better. My husband might be home very early as well since most of the freeways are closed or very crowded. The only reason he went in is because it's payday lol. His boss also told him if he went in no matter how short, he'd get a full day of pay so awesome!

I looked through my blogs last year and we had fires in the first week of December, so I guess it's the season for it? The wind is going to be crazy today too but hopefully will be gone by tonight. Phew!

Anyways, here's my weigh in update

Pre-pregnancy weight Last April: 123 even
10/12 weigh in: 144.6 (-0.2) oz loss)
10/19 weigh in: 144.2 (0.4 oz loss/maintain)
10/26 weigh in: 146.0 (+1.8 lb gain)
11/2 weigh in: 148.0 (+2.0 lb gain)
11/9 weigh in: 146.6 (-1.4 loss)

Total pregnancy gain: 23.6 lbs

So this week was much better than last week. I'm sure the Halloween candy last week caused some water/salt bloating that dropped off this week. I also was way more careful and ate more fruit/veggies and oatmeal. I had more energy (as I said in yesterday's blog) and think that caused the weight loss.

Part of me kind of wants to just maintain my weight for the rest of the pregnancy but I know that's unrealistic. The doctor said they're fine with me gaining 35 lbs but I'd like to keep my gain down. At this point, baby is growing so much, I'm not going to stress too much but I am going to continue paying attention. I'll have plenty of time after the baby comes to focus on losing weight.

Ok I wrote a lot so I'll end it here. Hope everyone in the CA area stays safe around the fires and positive vibes sent to all the EMT's, firefighters and police out there!

Have a great weekend!

Week 34 bump picture. Getting so big, I feel like a turtle when getting out of bed hahaha

Edited to add this picture I took driving home this morning. This is right behind our neighborhood! We saw a firetruck fly by us towards it. Hoping all the fires are out soon!

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    We're getting some smoke from your wildfires in Portland, Oregon, where I live. I can smell it on the air when I go outside, at least sometimes. And yesterday morning, the sky was orange from all the smoke. It's so sad how many people who have died or lost their homes or their loved ones. I heard a little about that shooting on the news. And with the fire so close to you, you must be super stressed right now! I'm so glad the fire changed directions. (I read your next blog!) Well, take it easy! Don't worry about your weight, if your doctor isn't. Some babies are bigger than others. Your pre-baby weight was within the normal range, at least for most people, not sure about you. If you can, maybe you should get masks for everyone. Of course, that depends on how smoky it is there, and how often you guys spend outside right now. Today, I saw someone with one around his neck downtown, but he didn't have it on. The smoke from California comes and goes here. I could tell it was smoky, then, though. It hurt my lungs to breathe.
    155 days ago
    Oh my goodness! You're so close to your due date! Stay inside, I'm sure the air quality is horrible!
    156 days ago
  • no profile photo CANTSTAYAWAY
    Stay safe! Those fires are always a worry, and you have more than enough going on! I hope you enjoy your shower. I still think your weight gain in pregnancy is great.
    Have a good weekend!
    160 days ago
    It won't be long!
    160 days ago
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