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My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 99 of 365 days....Reducing my sugar is my healthy habit this week.

Friday, November 09, 2018

2 days ago I got a message from my son...mom a package is coming tomorrow and you need to be there to sign for it. Well I was planning on going food shopping for food from the 8th until the 20th so waiting for someone-mail person, UPS, Fed-Ex, etc to come with a package was not my idea of consideration from my son. He felt bad when I replied not going to be home, going shopping for food. He replied they said they would come back if your not there. So I decided to do my computer stuff and go shopping. I woke up between 4-5 AM...ugh too early. I did my computer stuff. I was just finishing when I looked out my window and there was a Fed-Ex truck. A young lady looked several times at the house and went to the back of the truck and pulled out this huge heavy box. When she got to the door, she thanked me so many times for being home and said I need a signature and I wasn't sure what I would have done if no one was home. Her sweet attitude made it all worth waiting for the package. My son was happy it had arrived so early so I could go shopping. I didn't say anything to my son but I am guessing he is coming home for the package and he didn't trust his housemates with the package. LOL

It is Friday which means I add another healthy habit to my life style. This week is week #15 and it's slash your sugar intake.

These are the benefits of slashing sugar:
*decrease cravings
*helps your body recover better
*reduce inflammation
*helps the liver function optimally
*increase energy
*leads to better sleep
*increase sensitivity to sugar (meaning less of it will be more satisfying)

How to slash sugar intake and stop sugar cravings:
*Stop drinking it....I have to admit this is my sugar intake...I drink simply lemon that has stopped all my kidney stone issues yet it has sugar. I read where grape juice helps our immune system. Other then that I drink water..no sodas, sports drinks, coffee, tea, etc.
*Know it's names and look for them...I know SP has a list so I will not include it here.
*Buy unsweetened
*Amp up spices...this surprised me ...she uses unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and cinnamon for anything she thinks needs to be sweeter. She told how cinnamon helps your body be more sensitive to insulin and the hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar, plus it adds a punch of flavor!
*Skip the fake stuff too...word skinny (like skinny latte) or diet (diet soda) isn't good for us...when I 1st learned this I was amazed. I grew up on diet sodas.
*Use stevia and monk fruit in moderation.

To cut craving sometimes just cutting sugar intake is not enough.
*Protein and healthy fat will help us still fuller longer
*Stress management.

I can see how the first 14 weeks play a role in this.

I am behind on my daily gratitude's:
*I am grateful for Dollar General stores in our area.
*I am grateful for Fed Ex who still deliveries to my door stop.
*I am grateful for my neighbor who finishes boot camp today from the Navy.

2 more things from my daily check list is drink water and eat my veggies...doing both!

Last of all Day 22 of my autumn self care is indulge in pumpkin, bread, coffee, muffins...when I have, I've share the recipes on here.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Keep Sparkling!

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