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Sunday, December 30, 2018

1) What - My New Year's Resolutions this year is this: Next year, I do not want to have to make any resolutions. I want to be comfortable with my exercise plan, I want to be intuitive in my eating plan. I want to be be active and healthy.

2) How - Two versions

Monday (Wednesday) Resolutions. I belong to BLC and our weeks go from Wednesday to Wednesday.

Thanks CNN. Please read the article. Lots of great foods for thought.

Week One, January 2.

1) Drink 4 glasses of water minimum. I have been on the road and out of my water habit.

2) Eat 2 vegetables and one fruit. I have had some dental work and chewing has been difficult. I am still not fully toothed but am going to try to find someplace in my poor mouth to chew better.

3) Do my warm up exercises 3 times per week. I sure do feel better when I do them.

4) Do my arm and wrist PT exercises - Winter chills make my still healing wrist stiffen up, ditto the elbow.

5) Get 5K steps 4 times per week. Also, get 5+ hours of 250 Fitbit minutes 4 times per week. I need a new knee, sure do wish I could aim for more.

6) Simply start to cut back quantities of food. No explanation necessary.

7) Twice a week, do not eat after 9PM. I have a terrible night eating habit that I am going to try to break this year.

8) Check in 4-5 times per week with my BLC team. I was on the road so much this past fall that I became a severe slacker, a lurker, but slacker in posting.

9) Version 2 - Will be discussed in my next this space.

10) Finally, try to see this all through. Not the best at that.

Happy New Year to all.

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