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Monday, December 31, 2018

I have learned many things on this journey called fitness. The main one is that people exercise for many reasons. I have found many trail runners are considered "crazy," although any runner often can fall into the same category. It's crazy that we run, the distances we run, the terrain we run, the weather we run in, the time we spend running, etc.

I have discovered many reasons that people get into running. At least with trail runners, there is a slightly common thread. We are running "from" something or "to" something. The running "to" is easier.

The "to" runners often run for medals, fast times, PR's, to win races, etc. Not all, but many "to" are running to prove something to themselves or others. I was once a "to" runner.

I also fall into the "from" category of runner. I began running because I was running "from" a lot of extra time that I had on my hands after the death of my heart horse of 31 years and my heart dog. They died six months apart. I had a broken heart in addition to the time factor. So I began running.

Others I've met run to deal with depression, eating disorder, or other mental illnesses. It can be theirs or a loved one's. They run due to fill a void of some kind. Some are lonely, have a loss, are searching for something, etc.

Whatever the reason they run, they find a family. A family that accepts them no matter their size, speed, distance, age, ability.... Trail runners embrace the "crazy" and encourage it in a productive way.

I am one of those crazy runners. The reasons I run have changed over the years. I now run for fun. I run with great people that are encouraging and uplifting. I run because it makes me feel good and I can spend time with my dog, who also loves to run. It's now apart of me and I hope I can continue being "crazy" for a long time to come.

May you find your crazy and do it with gusto in the next year.

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