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Saturday, January 05, 2019

On December 29, on my latest blog, I mentioned the fact that I would put my New Year's Resolutions here on New Years Day. Four days ago. Why-oh-why did I say that? I think (at the time) I was feeling that posting them here would add an extra layer of accountability. I mentioned that rather than cop to my older-than-time #1 resolve, To Lose Weight . . . this year I was going to make my #1 To Be Happy.

My mistake in the last blog about New Year's 'tude, was saying that I would post them on Tuesday--as in last Tuesday, January 1. I had no idea what was waiting in the wings for me. The NY resolutions have been taking up much of my "down time" as I thought and meditated on them. (I almost said I medicated on them!) I'm taking a year long course on "Clearing" and another year long program called "The Happiness Project Experience." I'm quite excited about both of them. They are very different as the year goes by, but both had very similar tasks at the beginning, which for me coincided with the new year. I was to take inventory of myself, ruminate (sounds like something a cow would do), and set goals. The Happiness Project asked me to picked one word for my year, a sort of over arching mantra. Believe it or not, I've spent days thinking about words-words-words.

Some of the many words I considered for my 2019 experience include Emerge . . . Evolve . . . Lighten-up . . . Happy . . . Fulfill . . . . Discipline . . . Create . . . Organize . . . Purge . . . Fission . . . Fusion . . . Catalyze . . . (I was in physics mode late one night!) . . . Peace . . . Love . . . Kindness . . . Manage . . .Heal . . . Beautiful . . . Open. And so many more. The longer I dwelled on it, the harder it became.

So I decided I would go back to the resolutions/goals, get them down on paper and consider them. I wrote and rewrote. I revised. I hemmed and hawed, and scratched my head. While I was deep into the goal process and seeing them all gel, my word came to me. Without sounding like I'm sitting on a mountaintop in a loin cloth contemplating my naval. this word literally filled my being. It was a very spiritual moment unlike any other I've experienced.

I will share my goals/resolutions tomorrow so this doesn't get too lengthy. If you are entering into a process like this, my advice would be to let yourself go. Take your time and lean in to the process itself. I am confident that if you do this "dwelling" in your hopes and dreams, you too can experience YOUR word. My word found me, when I least expected it. My word is:
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