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Finally, the rain has come!

Thursday, May 02, 2019

We've been needing rain for months now and last night and today we finally have had plenty but not enough to cause flooding. The grass might turn green for the Winter again! (Yes I know that might sound weird to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere but green winters are pretty lovely to see).

Yesterday my neighbours offered to take the old cans and bottles I'd moved to a safe location closer to my car off to the recycle centre for me. They returned all smiles with $69 to hand me. Wow! I probably will never have that amount again in returns because I'm not having that much these days and most were for trying to get lots of calories into my late husband. In previous years I've used this money for dinner out and a car wash. Well I don't need the car washed, the rain took care of that for me, and I don't feel up to going out but I might order dinner in. Luckily there are very tasty healthy choices available so I won't be falling off the bandwagon I've barely climbed back on.

I checked my weight today - I've been afraid to do that for the last few weeks now. I was very pleasantly surprised that I haven't strayed too far and have only gained less than a kilo.

I saw a researcher yesterday to see about taking part in a social research project for Type 2 Diabetics dealing with so many of the stigmas we encounter. I qualified and it should be interesting to take part in the study. Not only interesting something I'd probably sign up for anyway, I'll get paid $50 for participating. Neat! I'll set that aside for spoiling my grandkids later this year.

Today I did my first WOD (Work out of the Day) challenge for the rower. I had to learn how to program my rowing machine for Intervals, and set it up for 3 sets of 700 meters with 2 minutes rest between each set. This gave me the furthest distance I've rowed so far (2100) and taught me not only about setting up the machine for intervals but also how much more powerful I was after each of the rest periods. I was not expecting that to happen.
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