going back

Saturday, May 04, 2019

I am at the point where I feel that going back is moving me forward again. So I go back to the beginning. I restarted 2 of the calendar challenges. I am hoping that by going back to the beginning I can refocus where I need to go. It's not a desperate attempt by any means. It's just that I keep standing still too long. I lose some weight and plateau instead of steadily losing more.

We had a rainy week, so all my plans to work in my garden are drowning. When it decides to stop... right now in a week or so according to forecasts I am working on building a patio in the front. We are plagued with moles, gophers or underground rats, whatever you want to call them, but they are creating terrible hazards in my lawn. One of these days I am going to break my ankle just walking across. These pests have worked the soil so much that it is all loose, uneven, and terribly unsteady. The grass doesn't grow very well and I about have given up to try. So I am installing a patio and move my lawn furniture there. Just as well. I have beautiful trumped vines and honeysuckle growing in the area and it smells so lovely.
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