my sweet hubby

Friday, May 17, 2019

We took our grand-daughter for dinner last night. On the way over to the restaurant, we stopped at the feed store because my hubby wanted to get our dog something to chew on.
Aspen and I stayed in the truck and went over the rules for the restaurant, she is 7, so you have to go over rules and expectations. lol
Hubby took so long we almost went in after him, lol, thinking he got lost with the baby chicks again. He finally emerged and was carrying a tray. My sweet hubby bought me more plants to put in my patio. By the way, the patio is almost done! So he got more lavender, young plants this time and he bought me two sweet peppers, a cucumber(both not for the patio), and a chamomile plant. Oh, I love my hubby. Now I can grow the chamomile and with the peppermint that is growing abundant in my back yard, I can make chamomile/peppermint tea. That what we always had at night growing up... and my hubby remembered.
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