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Fighting for the Miles

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hi Sparkfriends, We are in the middle of June which means I have been back to running regularly for half a year now. I ran half of a Marathon Relay last month after what I thought was sensible training. I thought my aches and pains were due to increased miles after being out for several months with injury. I thought I would be able run off the kinks over time. Well, I’ve since had an epiphany. My aches and pains aren’t going anywhere. They aren’t going to improve over time and training. They are only getting worse. I now have chronic hip pain and I strongly feel it is a genetic arthritis that has already afflicted both of my thumb joints. I’m still able to run at the moment, but it’s very painful. Especially in the hours afterwards, and the next day. The pains cause me to limp sometimes and walk slowly. I have to be in the middle of a hardy workout for the pain to be masked by adrenaline. But when that adrenaline wears off....oh my goodness. I’m super active for crying out loud. I’m a lifter. I ride a bike. I run. But I hurt. This is now my new norm. I need to see a physician to make it official, but I feel like there’s nothing to be done. I’ve decided I’m going to power through and keep running until I can no longer do so. Seeing a sports Chiropractor helps, but only temporarily. Life is full of setbacks, and challenges isn’t it? But it’s how we respond and react to these moments that helps build our character. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. I’m living with the pain. I own it. And I will keep fighting for every mile. Because I know the day is coming when I will have to hang up my running shoes but I’ve decided it’s not today. I have signed up for a Half Marathon in November. We’ll see how my body fairs as I continue to put in the miles. Keep pushing, Sparkfriends. Hold on tight and keep pushing! It’s what I intend to do. It’s really the only thing TO DO. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    I know it might be hard to believe right now because you are grieving the loss of a current lifestyle and a current passion, but once you've grieved this loss, or while you're grieving, it is possible to find other things in life that can fill your heart, soul and spirit. I'm on the process of doing that now in my life, after succumbing to illness and being on disability. I believe in you, that you will find other beautiful and passionate things in your life. First off, I am here for you as you let go and grieve. Huge hugs.
    114 days ago

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    I am sorry to hear this Lori. Unfortunately, my body aches and pains are not going anywhere either. I was told by a rheumatologist many years ago, to keep up what I was doing---because many of his patients were disabled and many in wheel chairs! (I was in my early 50's then) … The ankylosing spondylitis that I have managed to totally fuse my spine into one column, stiffen everything--and then spread into my hips and neck. The hip pain wakes me up a lot--like 3:00 this morning! The best I can do is my stretches, and I keep up with exercise--ST and cardio but nothing that will pound my painful body. It needs attention but TLC is needful for myself and you. I do feel for you. emoticon
    115 days ago
    Definitely time for a full work-up with a a doc who specializes in sports!
    Take care of yourself, please.
    115 days ago
    Definitely figure out with the help of a health care practitioner what is going on. If it's osteoarthritis (I have that), it definitely will not get better (as you know) w/o some kind of treatment -- same w/Rheuatoid Arthritis (also have that). Have you thought aobut a sports medicine specialist? They are more in tune with non-traditional approaches, in addition to the more main stream. At the very least they can tell you what is going on. And make recommendations for activities that would be beneficial and not hurt your joints.

    So sorry you are going thru this. It is a total bummer.
    116 days ago
    While I appreciate your dedication to fitness, I pray that all this activity doesn't make the condition worse. It would be wise to know exactly what's going on so you can take proper precautions, even if you continue to train and race. I'm only saying this because I care about you. Maybe wraps or knee braces would help, or taking turmeric and eating a low-inflammation diet. Wishing you all the best, and I'm so sorry that you are having pain. Big hugs always!
    116 days ago
    Girl, I admire your drive, pain is real and tells us conditions in our body have changed, good realization.
    116 days ago
    That is rough when you're hurting like that. I hope you will find some relief soon! You are such a dedicated, committed athlete. Just be careful with true pain. Our bodies are talking to us through it. There are many options for possible remedies. I keep hearing a lot about turmeric. Ice is always a good source for healing, too. Yoga was my healing remedy. Keep on keeping on if that is what your heart calls you to do! You go, lady! Take good care of yourself xoxo
    116 days ago
    Sorry to hear you are hurting. I am not one to push through pain. Discomfort is one thing. Pain? Please be careful. I trust that you know your body best. And, are choosing what's best for you. emoticon
    117 days ago
    Ugh, sorry to hear you are hurting. I hope you find a balance and your body can acclimate.
    Do you try any natural anti-inflammatories? Tumeric? or Co-Q10? My mom swears by the tumeric for her arthritis. I've used both those to help me through plantar fasciitis. Just a thought.

    Stay strong.. like we know you are! :)

    117 days ago
  • BEFIT019
    I dont know...if it hurts that much I'd stop at least til i see a doctor. A twinge or an ache is one thing. But out & out pain is a whole other story.
    Whatever you decide. Please do be careful! emoticon
    117 days ago
    I have hip pain...from sciatica and a slipped disc. I have been using a recumbent bike (Walmart for about $200)...it takes the sudden impact of running or even walking off my hips and knees and back. Hopefully, once I lose 100+ pounds, I will be able to get walking and :::fingers crossed::: jogging lightly.

    Good luck to you, my friend.

    117 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    Hugs Ms.Lori! You've got the best Attitude❤️ I love your resolve, to continue on as long as you can! Finding those sweet spots & few & far between as I've been finding out myself. U got this Sister!! Your summer sounds Amazing⭐️
    117 days ago
    Wishing you the best Lori. emoticon emoticon
    117 days ago
    emoticon I hope you see a doctor soon and can find some relief from the pain.
    117 days ago
    That book “How not to die” that Becky recommended- check it out. We have incorporated turmeric in our supplements- makes a big difference. Lots of ways to combat chronic pain 😊. Never give up
    117 days ago
    117 days ago
  • no profile photo VALERRIE
    If it is arthritis, have you thought of trying a naturopathic doctor and/or anti-inflammatory and pain relief supplements?
    117 days ago
    I'm having the exact same issues. Besides lifting, I changed my training to restorative exercise like DDP Yoga, Classic Stretch, and MMA. I find the MMA with all the punching and kicking lubricates the joints. High step ups, Heavy Hands walking, and kettlebell swings and snatches for max HR. I do much less joint pounding exercises. I want my training to keep me in the game (of life). Not take me out.
    117 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Yes, see a physician, preferably an orthopedic specialist...who knows, it is definitely worth seeing if something can help your pain level!! I have the same mindset as you...do what you can, while you can!
    117 days ago
    Take care my friend emoticon
    117 days ago
    Good luck
    117 days ago
  • LOF7203
    Thanks for sharing
    117 days ago
    I am not sure if pushing your body beyond its limits is a good idea for now.....but you know your body best and I will trust you with the choices you plan to make.

    All the best to you.....God Bless
    117 days ago
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