Update; & Enjoying the Butterflies

Monday, August 05, 2019

I've seen many butterflies and swallowtails lately, much to my delight. The gifts of late summer! Love it so much.

That, and trying to lose weight again, made me decide to blog.

Along the way I'm going to share some of my favorite butterfly pix from my facebook butterfly groups. These are prettier, in flower settings, unlike the ones I've seen personally.

THIS time, I'm remembering to type in Word, first, then will copy into SP. Since my blog always crashes and I lose all my uploaded pix and everything I've written.

Last fall I began working parttime in a Publix grocery store in the deli. It pays more and gives me more hours than the previous nightmare grocery store deli. It is better managed. It has benefits such as health insurance, and on my anniversary date it will offer 401(k) and other perks, and ESOP if I want to go there. (Actually for a grocery store, quite impressive.) I have zero tolerance left for retail and/or food service, however; there are many days that are still nightmares due to the nature of the beast - which I signed up for, as a step in the right direction. I knew immediately it was not the job for me, but, it's undeniably an improvement in my situation. That part of it, I am thankful and grateful for. But it's still a nightmare and I want out. I am grateful it pays enough that I'll be able to rent a room.

So I am looking for both a room to rent, and a fulltime job. The plan is to keep this deli job and just change the hours, after I find the other job. If this was not my sole income, I believe I could tolerate it better. If that turns out to be not true, then I will quit, but not until I've been at the other job I don't have yet, for 90+ days.

I want to lose weight for health reasons. Also I think I'll be hired more easily. I bought a bathroom scale in July, but a friend said she could order one for me for free, so I let her and took mine back. I'm going to set it up in ministorage.

Until I have a kitchen and refrigeration, I will have to do things differently and be creative. I'm trying for one healthy meal of salad plus lean protein (stored in fridge at work); plus something that I can easily do in my car such as canned protein shakes on ice. Manmade stuff is not something I'm looking forward to. But I do need to take drastic action. I looked at protein drinks at ALDI, Walmart, Sams, Costco, and BJs, and read the fine print ingredients list on each, and compared prices. A brand I've never heard of, but then I'm not into protein drinks to begin with, called Orgain, was the winner - it was the ONLY one without artificial sweeteners. So until I can make my own . . . and Sam's was the winner for the price. I have friends with memberships, and will go to Sam's next time they go.

I'm going to be doing some green drinks and chlorella, as well. I am worried about toxins trapped / currently stored in my fat, that will be released as I take the weight off.

I read a book from Dollar Tree, Chasing Heaven, about a woman who died and went to heaven and came back. I went to the movies on cheap ticket day, and watched Toy Story 4 (I had not seen the first three), and Lion King. Last week I gave the movies a rest. Tho I have the $ technically, I'm still frugal in the extreme and save every penney. Today is decision day, if I'm going to the matinee tomorrow, to pick a movie and the time, as tomorrow is cheap ticket day. I have no idea what is playing.

Since I had today off I had the luxury of going to the Soup Kitchen for lunch and the grocery line afterwards - I hardly am ever able to go now due to working 6 - 2. But I have 2 weekdays off this week, so I can also go tomorrow. I still go to Thursday night pantry at the church, as well. Usually it's the only one I can go to b/c of my work schedule.

I enjoyed fireworks for my birthday this year as usual, and turned 57. I still have 10+ years left til I can retire, as the minimum age was raised during the Reagan years. So I have to wait til 67.5. If I am healthy I have no desire to retire, anyway.

My friend who is 71 is having double knee replacement surgery. We worked together at the previous nightmare place. She has osteo like my dad did. Her hands look like his hands looked - like a TV commercial for the Arthritis Foundation. I am walking with her through it and will be hands-on to help during her recovery. Right now she is getting the cortisone shots - I want her to get the surgery before she is denied for other complications, and before she gets older and is denied for age, etc. Right now she is strong and robust with good health and really good muscle definition. She is putting it off for obvious reasons - no one ever wants that.

I read and research a lot about natural healing, try to stay up to date, but there is so much to learn, vast amounts. If I were 18 and knew what I know now, I would definitely go in that direction professionally. So in that spirit, I'm looking at myself and my obesity, differently. As a project to take on for permanent weight loss. Physician, heal thyself. Strangely, I don't read much about weight loss research, I guess because of all the BS all my life and a 20 new diet books out each year and 10 new food fads and 10 new weightloss fads out every year. No thank you. If I knew a natural healing source of weightloss information, I would definitely go there and follow up on it.

I know 70 - 80% of weightloss is food. Not exercise. Calories are King. And since doing 17K steps a day a few years ago and not losing an ounce, I kind of gave up with exercise. When I go back to exercise, this time it will be mainly for strength training. I am checking Planet Fitness daily as they might offer the $99 membership in August, like they did last year, and I won't pay more than that. I won't mind doing the treadmill there, but it will mostly be strength training; and until I get this weight off, it will be low or no impact. So I'm just really not into exercise. I want to build muscle especially now as I get older, but mostly I am focusing on nutrition and toxins and eating alkaline and other food-related and natural-healing concerns. (I am working on reducing glyphosates by always eating organic, but am worried about current tissue saturation.)

So that's my update and thanks for reading. I know some of you have been with me a long time and are true friends. Thanks for being there. Please post a blog so I can catch up with you and how you are. Have a wonderful week and month of August! Enjoy the butterflies, and when you see one, think of me.

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  • OOLALA53
    Hadn't seen anything from you in awhile. I hope no news is good news. Maybe a full time job has eased things and also taken up the time often used for posting. I'd like to think you got a room you liked. I affirm that your body will weather any release of toxins well and you will go on to new vitality. Best always.
    505 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    Great Blog, Great emoticon Share emoticon THANK You!
    618 days ago
    Great to hear from you. I love butterflies too but have not seen many this year or even many bugs. I hope you can lose some weight and that you find a better job. I have heard of Publix but we don't have them here. I am so glad you can rent a room again.
    621 days ago
    Wonderful to hear from you! It seems as though we always end up back here at SP. I have yet to find a better [free] weight loss sight. I think of you often and now, I will think of you whenever I see a butterfly!
    621 days ago
    Omg i love those beautiful butterflies. One my dreams are when i past to be surrounded with butterflies and beautiful flowers. Those pics look great they need to display in the museum
    622 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Happy to hear that you have a job that you like. Good benefits as well.
    622 days ago
  • LADYBUG1107
    I was wondering what was going on with you. I am so glad that you updated us.
    622 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12282919

    622 days ago
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