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What? What? I can't hear you!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I woke up Wednesday, July 31st, sick. Ears plugged, sore throat, and just feeling unwell. After spending most of the day parenting, I finally got back into bed; waking up the next day not feeling sick. But, still having a sore throat & plugged ears. As I wasn't 100%, I took it as easy as I could... with three kids getting ready to go back to school. By that fallowing Saturday my ears were so full of pressure that my right ear drum burst.

So, I made my first urgent care visit. At that visit I was told that I had fluid in my both my ears, and my right ear drum looked, “distorted”. I was prescribed Prednisone, and antibiotic ear drops. It was also suggested that I use some nasal spray; taking care to point toward my ears when spraying it up my nose.

Because I am special...on August 4th, I somehow managed to scratch the cornea of my right eye! I awoke that Sunday feeling like I had something in my eye. I swear it felt like it was moving around my eye. When my hubby got home he took me to my second urgent care visit.

As there was something in my eye, they did not leave me very long. But, in the time that they were ignoring me in the Kaiser Urgent care. I had no choice but to start monkeying around until they fixed me. They advised that I had scratched my cornea, and they prescribed me an antibiotic eye drop.

I had a follow-up appointment for my ears on Monday, August 5th. Of course it was with the first available doctor, not my primary doctor. I told the doctor that I felt the antibiotic ear drops were actually adding to the congestion in my ears. I was prescribed an oral antibiotic.

On August 9th, I began contacting my actual primary care doctor’s office to advise that my ears had been "gathered" for ten days; with the degree of pain only intensifying, and the aliment not improving. I also advised that it had been over a week since I was initially seen in the urgent care. That I had taken all the prescribed Prednisone, and was on day six of prescribed Amonxicillin. I also let them know that I was taking 400mg of Ibuprofen twice a day for pain, and 325mg tablet of Hydrocodone just to sleep at night.

The following day, my primary care doctor’s office left me a voice mail asking that I call back to discuss my condition. I again emailed to advise that I had received a message. However, as I had VERY limited hearing and my spouse was at work. I was at the mercy of my children, and I did not feel confident they could advocate on my behalf. In that email I also refuse to go back to the urgent care where I am prescribed more unnecessary meds and shuffled out the door. I inquired what the next step might be. And mentioned a referral to an ENT.

For three days in a row, I have left email messages for my doctor's office explaining:
1. It has been 10 days, then 11 days, and then 12 days; and I was not improving.
2. I was unable to hear, and I was in pain.
3. That I had finished one medication. And, was rapidly about to finish another.
4. I always added that I did not want to go back to urgent care, be prescribed another medication, and shuffled out the door. So, what else could they do for me… and always suggesting a referral to a ENT.

I was going on day 12 with plugged ears, and pain. I was taking a handful of meds…and let me just add that I am the worse at swallowing pills. If I feel them touch my mouth before going down, I retch. Anyway, it had by then been two weeks away from the gym, eating garbage, and not moving. I decided enough was enough, and went back to my gym routine yesterday, August 14th. I had a grand total of 2hrs and 55min of sleep.

My daughter has just started seminary, which happens to be right across the street from my gym. So, I dropped her off at 6am and walked the treadmill for 45 minutes. After picking her up from seminary at 6:55am, going home getting all the kids ready for school, and doing school drop offs. I went back to the gym to do an upper body circuit class.

To be honest, I almost died! I had to stop doing the cardio portion because I was dizzy and my lips were turning blue. I skipped my normal routine of doing Zumba after to come home, and take it easy doing laundry.

So, doctor’s office kept leaving me voice messages and I keep explaining through email...I can't hear them. My husband finally calls them after he gets home from work. He tells them everything that I have been saying in email, and adds that during my workout my lips turned blue…and they tell my hubby to take me to urgent care…

Actually it turned out to be a blessing. The on-call doctor was able to resolve all the issues that I had been leaving messages with my doctor about. He confirmed that there was nothing wrong (upon basic exam) with my ear drums, and there is no sign of fluid in ether ear. I finally got a referral to an ENT. Also, even though he felt the blue lips was a fluke; he ordered a full lab work, to catch any issues I might have.

Today, August 13, the ENT department was quick to call me regarding my referral. However, they ask if I would like to schedule a phone appointment...

Nope, I need to be seen cause there is an issue with my ears...causing me to be unable to really hear.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so sorry you've had to deal with this. I had an ear ache about 15 years ago. Went to ER because it was Christmas Eve and I was new to the area so didn't have a regular doctor. They prescribed a very expensive drug, after ten days, my ears were getting worse, another expensive drug, ten more days, same routine. Finally found a doctor about February who ran some tests. I had strep ear and he prescribed plain ol' generic penicillin (cost $5) for a total of a month - and miracle of miracles I healed without permanent damage to my hearing. I was is excruciating pain and nothing helped until they figured out what it was. Good luck with the ENT. Hope you get some relief soon. It is horrible to hurt and ear aches are miserable.
    294 days ago
    Heavens! That's terrible! I hope you get better!
    294 days ago
  • LINDA7677
    Wow.......having worked in the healthcare field, this treatment is unacceptable. Hope you get better soon.
    294 days ago
  • 97MONTY
    Wow, that was some experience to have to go through, hope you get taken care of real soon.
    294 days ago
  • SPICY23
    the 'dumbfounded' meme is perfect. Wishing you speedy resolution.

    Peace and Care
    294 days ago
    Oh wow! That is so awful! I hope that you get to the correct medical professional and SOON! That is just scary. Best wishes - sending hugs and prayers!
    294 days ago
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