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Pain and projects

Sunday, September 15, 2019

I have been staying at my dad’s house for about 2 weeks now. The elevator in the apartment building that I live in is undergoing modernization. So, it has been out of service since Labor Day. Normally, it wouldn’t bother me too much, even though it is almost 6 flights of stairs up to my apartment, but I am having a flare up of arthritis in my knees. The left one is especially painful. Sounds like crunching cornflakes or potato chips when I straighten my legs, or walk up stairs. And of course walking up stairs hurts the most. While staying at my dad’s house my niece, Tigan, and I have been cleaning and purging the back storage room. We finally finished the project yesterday! We mostly filled an entire dumpster (since there’s a little room left my brother is clearing out some of his workshop in the barn as well) over 4.5 days... working together at the project for close to 4 hours each day. It took so much time because my mom tended to just tuck random family photos in any available envelope or stack of paper, so we had to go through every envelope and stack of papers piece by piece. Very time consuming! We found some interesting stuff though. We found pictures that predate the Civil War, including some of an ancestor who served in the 4th New York cavalry during the Civil War. As well as the family genealogy that a previous family member did dating back to the 1600s! Thank goodness it is not in Danish (as many of the old family letters are), as none of us in the current generation read any Danish. We also found some pictures from dad’s side of the family, which is significant as my dad very rarely speaks of his family, seeing as how he was estranged from his parents when they passed, and to this day has no contact with his one surviving sibling. Tigan and I also cleaned mom’s china hutch. (It has been over two years since she passed away, and no one had touched the project). And in the process we ended up clearing and cleaning the shelves in the kitchen as well. We washed all of the dishes in the kitchen in the process. Haha. Neither Tigan nor I are particularly neat freaks, but we are both somewhat compulsive, and when you have two compulsive types working on a project together things tend to get a little ridiculous... All of these cleaning projects required heavy lifting, bending, twisting, etc... all while dealing with the effects of dust, mold, and spider webs! Yech! I didn’t mind the physical activity, as it kept me busy, but the cleaning (and spiders) got old after a couple of days. I guess I have gotten spoiled living alone, and only being responsible for my own accumulation (or not) of stuff and the cleanliness of said stuff. So, I have NOT been resting and relaxing, and babying my sore knees, as I probably should have been. But at least I had not had to walk up and down all the stairs, like I do at my apartment. This was brought home last night and this morning, as I decided to spend a night at my apartment with the Cooper-dog. I walked him twice, than called another niece to walk him later on in the evening. I wasn’t sure I would make it up to my apartment with the dog a third time. Ouch! At least at my dad house there’s only one flight of stairs! I am headed back to dad’s house this morning! It was bad enough that I went to the doctor and got a prescription strength NSAID to take. It’s a good thing I am no longer on warfarin, or the doctor would have been very limited in what she could prescribe. (So far I have not noticed a lessening of the pain or stiffness, but she said to give it at least a week). Well I have to get packed to go back to dad’s... I hope wherever you are in the world you have a marvelous day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My mother was a pack rat, too.A child of the depression - we found unopened sheets, towels, etc in the closets.

    Hope your knees get better soon.
    156 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    Great share! Much to do.
    156 days ago
    Wow that is quite a project you and Tigan took on. Say hi to her for me.

    I am sure the rooms you did are much more pleasant.
    157 days ago
    Awesome work! Dare I say now you should read for a bit!
    158 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    so glad to see your post..indeed you have been busy!
    158 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Wow what a project. I bet your Dad is so grateful for all the work you and Tigan did. I'm sure the room looks a million percent better and just getting rid of the dust makes a world of difference. I bet Cooper dog really likes being at your Dad's cause he's got company and a playmate if I'm not mistaken. Doesn't your Dad or your niece have a dog?

    Was your Mom a packrat? I know when we finally cleaned out my parents house after they both passed, it was a total nightmare. My parents came from the depression era and they saved everything, I mean everything. My Dad's garage took my husband and I 8 weekends 8 hours each day just getting rid of stuff, and that's after my nephews and brother in law took what they wanted. The garbage men just hated collecting from my parents' house for a while.

    When you get a project done like that I bet you felt so good. I know I would of. Have a super day with whatever you're doing.
    158 days ago
    Oh man, just reading about having to go up and down 6 flights of stairs made my knees hurt. I get crepitus in my knees, too, especially during a bad flare-up. No fun. Hope your knees calm down soon. Maybe you already do this, but I elevate my legs (legs straight up on a wall) for 30 minutes at the end of each day, seems to reduce the swelling.

    Good for you for getting all that cleaned out and uncovering some interesting finds.

    158 days ago
    purging feels good even when it seems like a lot of work. I understand about the knees as mine are also bad
    158 days ago
    What fun to find hidden treasures. Yike, 6 flights with bad knees is not fun emoticon
    159 days ago
    Wow, I can't believe that they would leave a building without an elevator that long! That is awful! I hope that it is up and running and you are home again soon!
    159 days ago
    Clearing out a family house with years of accumulation is difficult and it sounds like generations of accumulation. Hope your knees feel better soon.
    159 days ago
    Wow! YOu had a lot to do. Glad that you can stay w/your Dad while the elevator in your building is being reno'd. Sorry about your knees. Have 2 knee replacements, so I know your pain well. ((HUGS))
    159 days ago
    Great job!
    159 days ago
  • LOF7203
    Thanks for sharing
    159 days ago
    159 days ago
    Good work on the projects
    159 days ago
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