Little by little....

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

I'm actually having fun tracking my food again. Sad, though that all my old favorites have mysteriously disappeared. Oh well, fortunately, lots of others shop at Kroger and I can swipe some food from their list, to add to my favorites.

Today I was below my calorie range but still not getting the proper nutrients. Going to look at the SparkPeople meal plans to get some different ideas.

Not doing well on the exercise part, but hey...eventually. I may check into some low impact chair exercises to get me started. Once I actually start, I know myself...and eventually I'll find my groove.

I am planning to measure all my body parts tomorrow, so I can track my inches lost. I don't even own a scale, so that will have to come later. I can usually tell I've lost a pound or two by he way my pants are fitting me. LOL

Happy Sparking, everyone! keep lookin' up, and remember that every single little thing you do or accomplish toward achieving your goal, will build your self esteem and help you feel victorious!

Yeeehawww! Carry on! :)
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