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Spark friends... and living my healthiest life

Friday, October 11, 2019

I have made a number of friends here on SparkPeople. Some I have met in person. Some I write to regularly (yes, I write actual letters that I mail), and others I keep in touch with via email or text. And yet others I use Sparkmail. Of all the friends in my life the people I have become acquainted with here have been the most supportive and compassionate. I hope they can say the same of me. Each of us comes to this site for own reasons, and with our owns goals and baggage. And finding the solution to living our healthiest lives is in the end an individual and personal journey. I have run into the phrase “experiment of one” so many times in blogs and articles. It makes sense to me. The human body is a strange and miraculous thing. And no two are exactly the same, so it makes sense to me that what works so well for one person is not the answer for another. Yes, there are sensible habits and healthier choices, but we are all unique. Some people get results from Keto, others a standard low carb diet, yet others see good results from Simply following the principle of moderation. Whatever works best for you and that you can sustain for life, is what works best for you. Just as what works for me is an individual thing. The sustainability of our lifestyles is key. I have to ask myself... “can I do this forever?” If the answer is no, then I need to re-evaluate reassess. For if I cannot keep doing it long term, the potential to backslide into old unhealthy habits and choices is high. And the point of this whole thing, it seems to me, is that I am overhauling my lifestyle for the long term, so that I can live a healthier life. Yes, things happen to derail me from time to time, but I know if the healthier habits and decision making skills are solidly in place I can get back on track faster and mitigate the negative effects. I am struggling with health issues right now that make it difficult to sustain my healthy choices, but I am still hopeful that I can find that same level of success with my goals that I have in the past. And that is because I have the tools in place... and the support of my spark friends. Wherever you are in the world I hope you have a marvelous day!!
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